Time Marches On......

Happy March everybody! I've taken a look at my calendar and I shudder. From now until the end of school in May there is SO much going on! If I was one of those mothers who really didnt care, it would be SO much easier, but NOOOOO (ok WHO remembers where this catch phrase is from?? I think its SNL and I THINK its John Belushi, but I can't quite remember...Asked the Insane One but he doesn't even remember the catch phrase. Anyone? Bueller??)

So anyway, back to the overscheduled-mother. Tomorrow is my day off. I should do NOTHING. But that wont happen. There is also a quilt show that is going on so I plan on going there in the AM while the kids are in school. HOWEVER, #1 Son's teacher send home a note asking if any parents could help out tomorrow with an activity and reading a story out loud. Well I just HAD to email her back telling her that I can do it if she still needs somebody. I LOVE doing this stuff, #1 Son loves me being there (I've already been told that I'm not in the classroom as often as I was last year. Had to explain 2nd grade teachers don't need as much help in the classroom as Kindergarten and 1st grade teachers do. Gotta love the attempted guilt!) so I try to volunteer when I can. I'm not always going to be wanted (or needed) by the teachers (or the kids for that matter) so I want to help out when and where I can. So if the teacher needs me I will spend the AM in the classroom, pick up Baby Girl and take her to the quilt show with me. If not then I will drop off the rugrats in the AM, pick up some breakfast and wait for the quilt show to open at 9am. I wish they were having it on Saturday but they stopped doing that a couple years back. I'm just glad that I have a schedule that allows me to attend.

Today I took Princess and Tiger back to the Leesburg Humane Society for their last set of shots. Lucy goes on Monday for her shots and they ALL go in on Wednesday to be spayed. Since I knew I was going today I REALLY pushed to finish this...

This is a truer picture of the color of the blanket

I got the pattern out of the Knitting for Peace book. It was a pain to knit on (the fabric it created was very bulky and it hurt my hands to knit once it got bigger, even with circular needles), but once it was over, it was a very satisfying finish. Not only did I make a blanket that will make a shelter animal's life a bit cushier (this blanket is sproingy!), but I used up some stash yarn that I didnt know what to do with. Its the free yarn I got from LionBrand (click HERE for the full story), their Wool-Ease Thick n Quick. I basically cast on 56 stitches on size 10.5 circulars and knit until there was no more yarn left. The finished size was 26x20.5 inches. I started it on 2/17 but I really only worked on it for 3 days. I also had a piece of velour fabric that I was going to use to back a quilt, but it had stains on it (even after bleaching) so that went to. Can I tell you how appreciative they were?!? They LOVED the sizes of the blankets. Most of what they get donated are small little things. Apparently the local knitters will knit them squares that are abt 12" which are fine for the kittens, but the bigger cats and dogs dont have alot. It makes me want to finish all those UFO quilts and donate them to the shelter. And it also inspires me to double up on my worsted weight acrylic yarns and make some more blankets. Great way to use up stash and a great place that can REALLY use them.

On a final note, the IO put the bird feeders back up. One of the rangers from work recommended black sunflower seeds to feed the birds with so that's what he used. Of course the squirrels have access to the feeders as well. Apparently one such squirrel thought it was the BEGINNING of winter instead of the end and he ate and ate and ATE. He ate so much that when he was done, he did this.

Poor thing had to lay there until he felt better. Somebody pass the alka seltzer!


Stacy said…
Oh, my. The squirrel is cracking me up - I've never seen a squirrel do that before! Then again, I've never seen one stuffed full of sunflower seeds, either.
Jane said…
Aww, poor little fella got a tummy ache! We had squirrels that would stretch out like that on our deck railing, but I never thought about it being because they had a stomach ache. Too funny! Have fun at the quilt show.
Susie said…
Great pet blankie - and the squirrel picture. OMG, the funny!

Good on you for volunteering if necessary, BUT....remember there's always next week. And all that. Sometimes you need to put your ME Time in the planner as an unbreakable appt. KWIM?
Anonymous said…
Great picture of the squirrel. What a little piggie.
stitcherw said…
Loved the picture of the squirrel, they are so fun to watch. I know some people try to keep them away from their feeders, but I love to watch their various antics.

The cat blanket looks wonderfully soft, some cat is going to be very happy. I imagine most of what they get would be more oriented to kittens or puppies, poor older babies need it too.
Vivian said…
I just love the squirrel picture! you must be very quick with that camara to catch him in action, or perhaps the poor little guy had to stay put for a good long time for the tummy to settle.

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