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Project Spectrum

I've been collecting pictures for Project Spectrum so I thought I'd post those today instead of waiting until the last minute. This go around features green, yellow and pink.

A petite yellow flower growing among the weeds (yes its probably a weed as well, but its pretty so it lives)

My knockout roses

My hibiscus covers all 3 colors

And what pink colorway would be complete w/o a picture of Baby Girl??

If I ever finish my fixation socks, they will fall under the green/yellow colorway. At this point they will be finished for the month of April covering a few of my KALs.

Speaking of KALs, I've added a Magic 28 KAL. Norma
posted a basic sock pattern that she uses for charity knitting, 28 stitches, 28 rows, 28 socks. She set a goal for 28 socks (14 pairs for us slow ones, 28 pairs for those quicker with the needle) for charity, and as you all know in blogland, a few people latched on to the idea and ran with it. Suddenly Norma is setting up a KAL to challenge us to make 28 (pairs) sock…

Saturday Sky

This is what it looked like this AM.

And just 5 min ago.

In between those two pictures was a rehearsal for Baby Girl's ballet and tackling #1 Son's bedroom. They *clean* it, but I really needed to get in there to organize and toss a BUNCH of junk out. Tomorrow is Baby Girl's room. The big motivator? My sisters are coming to visit on Monday and they will each be staying in their bedrooms. I swear I think the only time I really organize and clean is when I have company coming, but they know I'm a bit of a slob and I only promise a clean bed and a clean bathroom.

I don't have a lot to report so I will dazzle you with kitty pictures.

Princess just LOVES to snuggle.

She also loves to do the paws in Baby Girl's hair like BG is the mama. It's SO sweet to watch.

Did you expect anything else? After all, you DID name me Princess!

Charity and Tragedy

I knew it would eventually happen. One of my wool socks got caught in the laundry. Washed and DRIED. So these socks that used to fit me

now fit #1 son.....

You'd think this would be ok since it still fits somebody in the family. Well as soon as he put the wool sock on he started to complain it was itchy. He doesnt like them. So I will wash and DRY the second sock, hope they match in size and put them in my CIC pile. They will keep SOMEBODY's foot warm!

Of course they were one of my favorite socks, they fit GREAT. However this has me rethinking my sock stash. I'm REALLY worried abt my Koigu and some of my hand dyed sock yarns. Do I use them and hope it doesnt happen again (I already take care to make sure they don't get in the regular laundry but as we can see, mistakes happen) or do I find other good homes for them?? I'll have to think abt this one.....

Meanwhile I've been doing some charity knitting. I finished another hat.

There is a reason I mostly …

Saturday Sky

Here is my Saturday Sky. It was a beautiful day yesterday, its amazing how nice its been. But the cool air is abt to end. Next week will bring highs of 89. Blech.

I've been doing more organizing. The spot next to the bed where I keep my on-going projects was getting out of control, plus some of my yarn bags were lining the hallway to the bathroom. I moved some things around in my closet, and reorganized some of the on-going projects so that the side of the bed looks MUCH better (I even vacuumed!! WOOHOO) and I got all the yarn that was in the hallway back in my closet.

As I was doing my organizing, I'm realizing I've got a LOT of on-going projects so I'm trying to finish off a few (or get MUCH further along) before I start anything new. I've got incentive to do this since I want to make Baby Girl some tank tops and I've got some nice yarn to make a nice short sleeved top. And I've also decided that the sweater for me in the closet will be unraveled…


I've been working on Maggie for a few days now and I think I need swap her out. When I spend more time deciding where to stitch instead of stitching, its time to move on.

Here are before and after pictures of this time around.....

I finished the book, added in her paw and worked a bit on the basket on top of the bookshelf. I also filled in some twosies and threesies areas (you know, where there are only 3 stitches of one color and then it switches to another 2 stitches of another).

Not sure who will come out to play next, maybe Too Pooped.

I also finished Smile!

I think it came out really cute, now I just need to find a square picture frame for it.......until then it will be a FUPPIE.

I'm still plugging away on the sock, I am starting the foot part just past all the decreases. It still amazes me that this sock is taking so long.........I think the problem is that I'm more in the mood to work on some of my wool sock yarn, but I really wont wear them until next year. Kind of a let…

Happy Acres Cafe

The same storm that's dumping tons of icky weather up north

is the same storm that brought us much needed rain and cooler weather. Its been really warm the past couple of days so this cool air is SO wonderful right now. It was 76 when the rain past thru, but then you could feel the cold air move in. Ahhhhh.......Its now sunny and 64 degrees.

With the cooler temps comes energy and I've been in the kitchen most of the afternoon. My food pics don't come out as well as Dee's, but here are mine nonetheless.....

The sauce is simmering on the stove

The muffins are cooling

The quiche is going fast

and the cake is in the oven

The rugrats helped with the cake. They LOVE to mix, but this time I made #1 Son read the box and tell me the directions. One day HE will be making ME cake!!

If you are being hit by this storm, I hope that you dont have any major damage and that you have lots of fun knitting/stitching/quilting. THIS is the reason we have stash!!

Saturday Spa

Everybody has been to a home party at least ONCE in their lives. It used to be Tupperwear, then Mary Kay. I've been to a TON of Pampered Chef parties along with Party Lite and Southern Living. I've also been to a jewelry party (NOT Sarah Coventry, which just popped into my head while typing this. I suddenly remember going to a SC party with my mom when I was 10, but I digress). However today I went to the best one. A spa party.

A friend of mine mentioned going to one abt a month ago and this was TOTAL news to me. I've never heard of such a thing. Boy I wish somebody around here would have one. Then WHAMO! My next door neighbor tells me that she is selling this stuff (canNOT remember the name of the product) and that she is having a spa party today. After a week of kid friendly plans, this was right up my alley.

I go over around 3pm. I walk into her house, or what used to be her house. Today its transformed into a spa. She has soothing music on and candles li…

The End of the Line

Today is the last day of our spring break before we go back to our regularly scheduled programming. I need more time. However there are only 6 more Mondays left before summer break which means that unless my employer comes up with a way to get me to work from home, I wont be working much longer. I have mixed emotions abt that, being home would be NICE, but the little pittance I'm making won't be there for extras like food and gasoline. This is what keeps life exciting!

Anyway we ended up doing quite a bit this week. We hung out with friends, went bowling, went to the park, went swimming, and went to the county fair. Here is a picture of the Rugrats loading up on sugar just before we left the fair. I know, I know, but I didnt want them eating all the greasy, sugary fair food BEFORE the rides!! They were a bit wired when we got home but I let the Insane One deal with them then!! That's what he gets for not going with us!!

I would have taken pictures of the exhibits, bu…

Project Spectrum & CIC

My socks are done. And they cover quite a bit of my KALs! They were originally pink so they cover my project spectrum, they are socks so they cover both my Sock It To Em and SAM KALs, and they are for CIC so they cover my charity knitting. Who knew such little socks could be so powerful?!? Here they are after I dyed them with Cherry Kool Aid.

Between the shampoo I used to wash them and the cherry from the Kool Aid, they smell SOO good!! Much better than that sheepy wool smell they had when I first got them. They are a bit softer too.

I really don't have many stats for it, they are a pair of socks for a small child made from some worsted weight wool I bought on eBay, used size 5 dpns for a regular vanilla sock. They were QUICK though, each sock only took me 2 days. Now that's my kind of knitting!!

I'm still plugging along on the cascade sock. I've been really tired at night so not much has been happening. Today has been filled with laundry and paperwork. I even had "h…

My turn!!

The one problem with EVERYBODY being home is that I don't get on line as much as I'd like. Which means I'm behind on reading blogs, answering emails and posting. Eh. One day I will have my OWN computer that nobody wants to play on, change around or generally fight over.

Meanwhile I have been busy. Caesar decided to defend his territory and ended up with a puncture wound behind his ear. Three hours and $100 later, we got him all fixed up. He's got a lot of spunk for a 17 y/o!

You think I look bad, you should see the other guy!

We also went to the library for some books, puzzles and videos. We should be set for the week. Somebody was freecycling some more books AND some yarn. How could I pass it up?!?

I figure it will work out perfect for more mindless shelter blankets. You gotta love it, the more I use up the acrylics, the more I seem to collect!

I've been working on my socks, here are the Cascade Fixation ones.... (Dee, does the yarn look familiar?)

One sock is done, and…

Count Down to Spring Break

Two more days before SPRING BREAK!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!! I'm more excited than the kids!! At first I thought I was going to have company, but that got moved to May. MUCH better!! I know I'll have people over, but it will be play dates or stop overs, not planned sleep over guests, MUCH easier for me to deal with right now.

In true form, I'm already overbooked. I pulled out a notepad and made a list of things I want to do and a list of the days home. I *think* we can do it. It's really nothing major and if it doesnt happen, its not a big deal, but if I want to get as much accomplished as I would like, I will need to plan this out. Most of it is stuff to do with the kids; strawberry picking, the county fair, maybe even the beach. I already have a day where we are meeting up with some friends to take the kids bowling. There's also the farmer's market that I'd like to visit. See its all fun stuff. But then I'd also like to do some spring cleaning, an…