Charity and Tragedy

I knew it would eventually happen. One of my wool socks got caught in the laundry. Washed and DRIED. So these socks that used to fit me

now fit #1 son.....

You'd think this would be ok since it still fits somebody in the family. Well as soon as he put the wool sock on he started to complain it was itchy. He doesnt like them. So I will wash and DRY the second sock, hope they match in size and put them in my CIC pile. They will keep SOMEBODY's foot warm!

Of course they were one of my favorite socks, they fit GREAT. However this has me rethinking my sock stash. I'm REALLY worried abt my Koigu and some of my hand dyed sock yarns. Do I use them and hope it doesnt happen again (I already take care to make sure they don't get in the regular laundry but as we can see, mistakes happen) or do I find other good homes for them?? I'll have to think abt this one.....

Meanwhile I've been doing some charity knitting. I finished another hat.

There is a reason I mostly knit socks.....

I used the pattern from Debbie Bliss's book for a hat that is supposed to fit a 3-6 MONTH baby. Blech. I'm not happy with it, but I think it will be fine for a 2 y/o with the ribbing folded up. I used up my Lambs Pride wool, ran out and used some Germaintown brown wool. I had fun making the hat but I'm disappointed that it didn't come out as well as I'd hoped. I knit it flat and seamed it up. The next hat I make will be in the round using the twisted rib watch cap pattern I have. Its the only hat pattern I really like.

I have one more charity sweater on the needles and so far I like it, but who knows what the finished product will be when I'm done.

The rugrats have gotten in on the crafting act as well. Here was the only quiet moment I had all wknd.

I got some t-shirts on sale at JoAnns along with an iron on picture that can be painted. Here is baby Girl's. I would have included #1 Son but he ended up spilling spaghettios on the white shirt. ~sigh~

Only 4 more Monday's until school's over. Then everything stops. No more school, no more ballet, no more work. Yep that's right, I will become a lady of leisure. Peg Bundy sitting on the couch eating bonbons. Ok maybe not that bad but the pace of life will slow down a bit and for that I'm grateful.

Get ready to par-tay!!!


Stacy said…
Ouch! Poor little socks. I've avoided this so far *knock on wood*. You could always use a cotton-based yarn. Not as much fun, but they'll survive a mistake like that a little better (hubby *did* mistakenly dry my cottong/acrylic socks I knit up from Katia's Mississippi 3 yarn and they look fine.)

Enjoy your leisure time. I hope you actually *get* leisure time... I stay at home, and we still manage to run ourselves ragged a good bit of the time. But, most of that does have to do with the homeschooling stuff, so maybe you'll be okay. :) Fingers crossed!
Melissa said…
I love the t-shirt idea. Those would be great Mother's Day and Father's Day presents.
Anonymous said…
Spidey-woman, I presume?
Anonymous said…
Sorry about the socks. That's a real shame, especially since they fit so well before. Guess that gives you a better than average excuse to knit another pair?? LOL
PS: I'm fine. Thanks for asking :)
Diane said…
Why is it always your fav socks that get ruined!?!?! Always.

I always loved the end of school. Nice change of pace in the summer.
Jane said…
Yay for summer vacation! Bummer about the socks, although I have to admit I've done the same thing - twice. No more all wool socks for me, although I've machine washed and dried my Koigu socks without problems. Your mileage may vary.
stitcherw said…
Oh no, sorry about the sock. I've washed things a couple of times in the past that I shouldn't have, and was so upset when I pulled stuff out of the dryer and found what I'd done. At least they will end up going to someone who will really appreciate how warm they will keep their feet, so it won't be a total tragedy. As to the other sock yarn, I'd go with making it into socks for yourself. You'll enjoy making them and wearing them. Chances are it won't happen again, but even if it does, you'll still have had the pleasure of them and they'll find a good home. It would be a shame for you not to knit them using the yarn you love because "maybe" something might happen.

Looks like the kids had a fun time doing the shirts. My DD and I decorated a couple of shirts like that when she was younger and had a great time doing it.

Good luck with the leisure time, somehow life never seems to work out that way, something else always happens to fill the time.

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