Count Down to Spring Break

Two more days before SPRING BREAK!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!! I'm more excited than the kids!! At first I thought I was going to have company, but that got moved to May. MUCH better!! I know I'll have people over, but it will be play dates or stop overs, not planned sleep over guests, MUCH easier for me to deal with right now.

In true form, I'm already overbooked. I pulled out a notepad and made a list of things I want to do and a list of the days home. I *think* we can do it. It's really nothing major and if it doesnt happen, its not a big deal, but if I want to get as much accomplished as I would like, I will need to plan this out. Most of it is stuff to do with the kids; strawberry picking, the county fair, maybe even the beach. I already have a day where we are meeting up with some friends to take the kids bowling. There's also the farmer's market that I'd like to visit. See its all fun stuff. But then I'd also like to do some spring cleaning, and work on the quilts and sew up some stuff. Oh and the scrapbooking. Well that might not happen, but I'd like to add some lists to my sidebar (2007 finishes, books I'm reading, etc). This is where it all gets tricky. I'm not stressing abt ANY of this, this is the kind of stuff I want to be doing, and if none of it happens and all I do is relax, well that's ok too!!

In other news, worked on my sock last night and I've actually made progress!! I'm just starting the toe decreases and plan on being finished with it by tonight. I seem to work the second sock faster so I should be reporting a finished pair soon. Then I'm going to go thru my sock stash and pull out all the yarn that has cotton in it. I have some more cascade fixation in the pile along with some Knit Picks Dancing and some Regia Bamboo. The next pair will come from here.

The shelter blanket is coming along as well, I started the last skein for it. Once that's done, I'll add a few rows of orange to finish it off.

AND my flower cross stitch is moving right along, I have the petals almost done, then all there is left is the green and purple border. Its nice to have 3 projects so close to completion. It keeps me motivated to finish them off.

On the kitty front, they find all kinds of things in the back yard. Lucy found this.

Your run of the mill garter snake.
Check out this family picture....

You can tell its getting warmer when the wildlife in the backyard starts picking up...

I can't believe that I have hardly shared any kitty pictures! I will have to resolve that as the week goes on.......You have been warned.


stitcherw said…
Sounds like you will be busy, but very happily so. Looking forward to hearing all about what you actually get done, as well as pictures. Nice shot with the snake, my DD used to love to catch things like this too when she was younger. Actually, she still does, LOL.
Anonymous said…
We have those snakes in our bushes constantly! LOL

Sounds like you will be busy!
Anonymous said…
You could almost caption that photo with a comment from your son saying "Mom, do I really have to be in this picture?" LOL

I think it will be a while yet before our garter snakes are moving about. We need to get above freezing first, right? haha

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