The End of the Line

Today is the last day of our spring break before we go back to our regularly scheduled programming. I need more time. However there are only 6 more Mondays left before summer break which means that unless my employer comes up with a way to get me to work from home, I wont be working much longer. I have mixed emotions abt that, being home would be NICE, but the little pittance I'm making won't be there for extras like food and gasoline. This is what keeps life exciting!

Anyway we ended up doing quite a bit this week. We hung out with friends, went bowling, went to the park, went swimming, and went to the county fair. Here is a picture of the Rugrats loading up on sugar just before we left the fair. I know, I know, but I didnt want them eating all the greasy, sugary fair food BEFORE the rides!! They were a bit wired when we got home but I let the Insane One deal with them then!! That's what he gets for not going with us!!

I would have taken pictures of the exhibits, but quite honestly, they were a bit lame. The quilts really weren't that great, plus there were a few repeats from the quilt show back in March. The knits looked like they were pulled out of an old trunk. There were a few cross stitched projects, one that was really nice. It was a rose that was 8x10. That was my favorite. The best in show items for all the crafts were really disappointing. I hate to say that because somebody really tried to do their best, but I wasnt that impressed considering it was a competition. Then again its possible that the really good items weren't put in because the owner was afraid that they might grow legs and walk off. I know that's happened at the bigger fairs.

Today was used trying to organize some things, but I'm not doing a very good job if it. I'm just not in the mood. It's my last day of spring break and I really dont want to spend it working. Throughout the week, I've been trying to finish off some projects. I got a small button for my Smile flower, I got the WDW floss for the next small cross stitch project and I've been working on Maggie.

Knitwise there is another campaign for Afghans for Afghans, they are opening a new clinic and want to have some knitted items to give to moms with small children so I've been going thru my wool yarn to see what I can use to make up some quick hats and socks. I also worked a bit on my fixation sock.

Quiltwise, I moved my fabric from point A to point B. No motivation there AT ALL!

At this point, a nap on the couch sounds like the best idea.


Anonymous said…
Looks like someone beat you to the couch. LOL

Cute pic of the kiddos....YUM! Cotton candy AND snow cones. Sorry I missed out.

As for the fair...what you said is EXACTLY why I don't submit entries. Too much danger of someone thinking it would look better in their house than in mine.
stitcherw said…
Loved the picture of the napper on the couch. :)
The kids looked like they were having fun, and I totally agree with not wanting them to have the sweets before the ride. I made the mistake of letting DD do that once, and never again, boy was that a mess.
Enjoy the last little bit of the break.

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