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The same storm that's dumping tons of icky weather up north

is the same storm that brought us much needed rain and cooler weather. Its been really warm the past couple of days so this cool air is SO wonderful right now. It was 76 when the rain past thru, but then you could feel the cold air move in. Ahhhhh.......Its now sunny and 64 degrees.

With the cooler temps comes energy and I've been in the kitchen most of the afternoon. My food pics don't come out as well as Dee's, but here are mine nonetheless.....

The sauce is simmering on the stove

The muffins are cooling

The quiche is going fast

and the cake is in the oven

The rugrats helped with the cake. They LOVE to mix, but this time I made #1 Son read the box and tell me the directions. One day HE will be making ME cake!!

If you are being hit by this storm, I hope that you dont have any major damage and that you have lots of fun knitting/stitching/quilting. THIS is the reason we have stash!!


Jane said…
Lots of trees down around town. High, high winds, and 40 degrees today. Brrrrr.
stitcherw said…
Great, now I have two of you making me hungry when I visit your blogs, LOL. Seriously, it looks wonderful, very yummy. Glad you're having a good day and that it is a little cooler.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the compliment.

Your son's teachers will SO praise you for teaching your son so well. Reading directions is a major, major deal! Good for him! And ... for the future....girls love a guy who can cook!
Anonymous said…
Ohhh, forgot to ask.

What kind of muffins? They look FABULOUS!
Anonymous said…
So glad you are enjoying some relief from the heat. I'm afraid I can't say I'm very happy about the SNOW THAT IS STILL FALLING!!

First came the rain,
Then came the snow,
Spring is here somewhere,
Buried below!

Enjoy your day! :)
Vivian said…
I've been looking at your pictures and ... drooling ...

May I come for dinner too, pretty please?

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