I've been working on Maggie for a few days now and I think I need swap her out. When I spend more time deciding where to stitch instead of stitching, its time to move on.

Here are before and after pictures of this time around.....

I finished the book, added in her paw and worked a bit on the basket on top of the bookshelf. I also filled in some twosies and threesies areas (you know, where there are only 3 stitches of one color and then it switches to another 2 stitches of another).

Not sure who will come out to play next, maybe Too Pooped.

I also finished Smile!

I think it came out really cute, now I just need to find a square picture frame for it.......until then it will be a FUPPIE.

I'm still plugging away on the sock, I am starting the foot part just past all the decreases. It still amazes me that this sock is taking so long.........I think the problem is that I'm more in the mood to work on some of my wool sock yarn, but I really wont wear them until next year. Kind of a let down when you cant wear what you just finished. But a few days ago I was in the mood to knit up some tanks for Baby Girl so once the weather warms up I may be in the mood for that again.

Meanwhile the kitties are enjoying the cooler weather.

I will get you invisible foe!!

Wait, what is that dangling?!!?

Got you, evil paparazzi!!!!!


stitcherw said…
Maggie is looking good. It is projects like her where it is really nice to be able to have pictures to compare the before and after a period of stitching to, it really helps to see the progress.

Smile turned out very cute, a perfect spring project. Good luck finding a square frame, that can be a challenge (speaking from my recent experience).
drpurl said…
wow! that is amazing, I could never do that. I love how you are taking photos along the way. I can't wait to see more progress.

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