My turn!!

The one problem with EVERYBODY being home is that I don't get on line as much as I'd like. Which means I'm behind on reading blogs, answering emails and posting. Eh. One day I will have my OWN computer that nobody wants to play on, change around or generally fight over.

Meanwhile I have been busy. Caesar decided to defend his territory and ended up with a puncture wound behind his ear. Three hours and $100 later, we got him all fixed up. He's got a lot of spunk for a 17 y/o!

You think I look bad, you should see the other guy!

We also went to the library for some books, puzzles and videos. We should be set for the week. Somebody was freecycling some more books AND some yarn. How could I pass it up?!?

I figure it will work out perfect for more mindless shelter blankets. You gotta love it, the more I use up the acrylics, the more I seem to collect!

I've been working on my socks, here are the Cascade Fixation ones.... (Dee, does the yarn look familiar?)

One sock is done, and I'm almost done with the cuff on the 2nd one. I needed to take a break between sock #1 and sock #2 so I did these...

I whipped up some pink socks for CIC. Cute the way they are, but a bit light so they are sitting in a pot of Cherry Kool Aid as I type.

And on top of everything else, the IO's grandmother passed away so he had to fly out for the funeral. He flew back home on Saturday and got some great pictures from the plane. I took a picture of my Saturday Sky but his are so much better!!

Well apparently this is all the time I'm allotted on the computer. I've got 2 kids hovering along with cats looking for cuddle time.

Doesn't she realize the quickest way to get rid of us is to feed us?!?!


Anonymous said…
Akkkkkk, you said the "dirtyword" --- Fixation! They look good on you though. LOL

Poor Cesar ---- $100.00! Poor Lynn! Think of all the socks you could make for $100! You need to speak to that cat.
Diane said…
Hey can't let other cats in your territory. Good for Cesar for keeping the household safe from harm.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful blue sky photo. Thanks for sharing.

Great find at freecycle. And when you suffer the passion of knitting, even acrylics have their place and you can always find something to make with them. Have fun.

Love the socks, both pair.
stitcherw said…
The socks look great, and that worked out well on getting some more free yarn.

Loved the pictures, especially Caesar. His expression is certainly making his displeasure known. :)

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