Project Spectrum & CIC

My socks are done. And they cover quite a bit of my KALs! They were originally pink so they cover my project spectrum, they are socks so they cover both my Sock It To Em and SAM KALs, and they are for CIC so they cover my charity knitting. Who knew such little socks could be so powerful?!? Here they are after I dyed them with Cherry Kool Aid.

Between the shampoo I used to wash them and the cherry from the Kool Aid, they smell SOO good!! Much better than that sheepy wool smell they had when I first got them. They are a bit softer too.

I really don't have many stats for it, they are a pair of socks for a small child made from some worsted weight wool I bought on eBay, used size 5 dpns for a regular vanilla sock. They were QUICK though, each sock only took me 2 days. Now that's my kind of knitting!!

I'm still plugging along on the cascade sock. I've been really tired at night so not much has been happening. Today has been filled with laundry and paperwork. I even had "help".

Apparently there wasnt enough laundry for everybody so some just sat on high and supervised.

Tomorrow we will be bowling with some friends. Hopefully tomorrow night I'll get a big chunk of sock done. If I do, I'll report back. Of course I get *help* when I'm on the computer as well.....

Got any envelopes to seal?

I'm not sleeping, I'm keeping the seat warm for a rugrat.

Here's some extra toes if you need help counting.


Emma said…
Aww, what helpful, cute kitties!
stitcherw said…
The socks turned out a very fun color, some child is going to love them.

The kitty pictures were great as usual, they are all so cute.
Anonymous said…
What have you been giving the black and white cat? He looks possessed by too much catnip. LOL
Melissa said…
I love the color of the socks!!
Diane said…
My cats help with the laundry the same way. I've been trying to teach them how to get the clothes out of the dryer and onto the bed for sorting and folding but during my instructions they just jumped in the dryer and too a nap.

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