Project Spectrum

I've been collecting pictures for Project Spectrum so I thought I'd post those today instead of waiting until the last minute. This go around features green, yellow and pink.

A petite yellow flower growing among the weeds (yes its probably a weed as well, but its pretty so it lives)

My knockout roses

My hibiscus covers all 3 colors

And what pink colorway would be complete w/o a picture of Baby Girl??

If I ever finish my fixation socks, they will fall under the green/yellow colorway. At this point they will be finished for the month of April covering a few of my KALs.

Speaking of KALs, I've added a Magic 28 KAL. Norma
posted a basic sock pattern that she uses for charity knitting, 28 stitches, 28 rows, 28 socks. She set a goal for 28 socks (14 pairs for us slow ones, 28 pairs for those quicker with the needle) for charity, and as you all know in blogland, a few people latched on to the idea and ran with it. Suddenly Norma is setting up a KAL to challenge us to make 28 (pairs) socks for our favorite charity. Since summer is fast approaching, socks are the easiest and best things to knit during the hot months. And Lord knows I need to join ONE MORE THING! But I'm smart, all I have to do is knit a sock and I cover a ton of KALs! Now I just need to fix the sidebar with my picture. I'm still so brainless when it comes to making my blog pretty. I have a book, but apparently osmosis is not working, I need to actually open the book and read it. I wonder how many times the library will let me keep renewing it??

You don't fool me, you are just taking my picture to avoid cleaning.

He is a very wise cat.......


Anonymous said…
What book did you get about blogging?

Cute kitty picture.
Anonymous said…
Gee, look at YOUR flowers blooming! And I'm just now BEGINNING to enjoy my daffodils! Oh well, that's life, right? LOL

Your new sock project sounds interesting. Looking forward to seeing the finished products.
Deborah said…
Oh wow, man, your roses are already in bloom! I pruned mine back hard and they are just resprouting leaves so I guess I won't see any buds for another couple of weeks.

Thanks for keeping up with me!
Melissa said…
Great pictures! Love the little girl, she's so cute!
AlisonH said…
The yellow one looks from here like an oxalis plant. I love my oxalis patch, although they only grow for six months of the year and then hunker back down into the ground for the dry California summer. The flowers close up at night, and they grow from first rain in the fall till last one in the spring.
stitcherw said…
Good luck with all those socks, and Baby Girl looks adorable all dressed up in pink. :)
Diane said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Diane said…
Oh to be able to dress in pink and run around in a tiara all day .... well can't do that in the adult world without people thinking you are NUTS!!!

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