Saturday Sky

Here is my Saturday Sky. It was a beautiful day yesterday, its amazing how nice its been. But the cool air is abt to end. Next week will bring highs of 89. Blech.

I've been doing more organizing. The spot next to the bed where I keep my on-going projects was getting out of control, plus some of my yarn bags were lining the hallway to the bathroom. I moved some things around in my closet, and reorganized some of the on-going projects so that the side of the bed looks MUCH better (I even vacuumed!! WOOHOO) and I got all the yarn that was in the hallway back in my closet.

As I was doing my organizing, I'm realizing I've got a LOT of on-going projects so I'm trying to finish off a few (or get MUCH further along) before I start anything new. I've got incentive to do this since I want to make Baby Girl some tank tops and I've got some nice yarn to make a nice short sleeved top. And I've also decided that the sweater for me in the closet will be unraveled. I still like the pattern and the yarn, but together it's just not working.

I have no knitting pictures to share, but I have been working on a cross stitch project. This hasnt been touched since Aug 2006, eight months ago. It's another one of my projects I want to make some progress on. Here are my before and after shots of this go around.

I worked on the green bag. When I first got this project, I figured it would go fast since the bags are mostly 1/2 stitches (one side of the "x" instead of a full "x" for those not familiar with cross stitching), but the 1/2 stitching really skews the fabric and it will need to be stretched back into place when I'm done. Meanwhile it looks funky and it makes me nuts.

As I'm pulling out these projects I'm realizing that I started them all around the same time. Back in 2001 I started FOUR big projects and only finished one (and that's only because I wanted it hanging in Baby Girl's room before she outgrew it!) The other three have been sitting in my closet not seeing a lot of light. These are the three that I want to spend some time on. We've recently seen Maggie; these are my Bag Ladies; the next one up is Lavender & Lace's Queen Ann's Lace. I started working on her last night and with the 36ct linen I need to work on her more since I wont be able to see the holes much longer!! Gotta love 40 y/o eyes.

Meanwhile my poor sock sits. And so does the shelter afghan. I want to finish both of them off soon. The sock I can see happening, but the afghan and the 89 degree weather, not so much.

Well I was wrong!! I forgot I finished a hat for Afghans for Afghans........It will join the pair of socks I made to be sent for this latest challenge. Now that I remembered that hat, I'm realizing that I want to make a small sweater as well. I think I will use a pattern out of a Debbie Bliss book I have. Its no wonder I have so many projects going on, I keep thinking of things I want to make!!!!

I used left over yarn from other charity projects. The top looks a bit weird but once on a head, it looks fine.

Hope everybody has a nice Sunday!


Sus said…
Pretty sky -- great clouds! Thanks for sharing your cross stitch progress. From a blog-reader's perspective, those pics are always fun to see -- you can watch the design emerge a bit at a time. Can't wait to see what else pops out from that Aida!! :)
stitcherw said…
My sky looks like yours, and it is about 75 now, yea!!!!!! Spring is finally here, although I think it will be short and will be summer quickly.

It was fun to see Bag ladies come out to play, this is such a fun one too. Good luck on working on all the projects you have going, at least it sounds like you have a good variety so you shouldn't get bored. :)

As to 36 ct, sure you can do it, 40+ eyes just need another magnifier (as I'm finding out). But with that, you're off and running.
Susan said…
Great job on your projects! Thanks for sharing.
Our sky was beautiful here today. The weather for a couple of weeks has been SUPER! We had sun and warmth when we went to Berlin over Spring Break.
Dave Daniels said…
Were those shrunken socks made from Knit Picks? I think I have the same exact pair.

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