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What a Difference a Day Makes!

Or what a difference getting out of the house and into Target can make!! LOL I realized that I hadn't been out of the house since Thursday. No wonder I couldnt get myself out of a funk!! So I took the kids and we went to Target. No, the money didnt come in sooner and yes I'm still a bit anxious abt it actually happening, but if a body moves around and actually gets out of the house once in awhile, that can make a BIG difference!!!!

I *did* look at their tangerine lip gloss, but seriously, not for me. However the cherry looked particularly shiny so I put that in the cart. And then it went back on the shelf when the rugrats picked up some rubber balls to play with. Best choice since those balls have kept them VERY occupied!!!

And the other great part of taking the kids with me?? When I got home, the IO said to go into the bedroom, lock the door and he would field all questions from the rugrats! WOOHOO. So I worked a bit more on Too Pooped. Here are my before and aft…

Tuesday Morning Train of Thought

Yesterday was very strange. I kept forgetting that I didnt have to go into the office today and I kept getting these waves of discouragement I normally get on the night before going back to work. I start a project but because life is busy, I never get that far into it and by the time I can pick it up again, its worse than when I left it ~or~ I end up putting away everything I got started on which kind of puts me back to zero.

But I didnt have to do that yesterday. And it felt strange. I'm not as happy as I thought I'd be. Now before we go any further, I am SO happy that I'm not going back to The Office for at least the summer, but I've been going in to this particular office for 1.5 years. It doesnt sound long, but the fact that I started working at The Office when #1 Son was in 1st grade and he just finished 2nd makes it feel much longer than it actually was. Plus one of the irons that the Insane One has in the fire should break by the end of this week. It …

Saturday Sky

It took me a day, but my body finally realized that school/work/ballet and all the responsibilities that go along with it all are over and it responded accordingly. I woke up feeling like I had been run over by a truck. Oh and did I mention that it was 11:45 by the time I woke up?? The insane one took the kids out and about after lunch, and guess what I did? I watched one show and then proceeded to take a 3 hour nap. It's abt 10:30 at night now and while I feel better than I have all day, I can tell you that I'll be going back to sleep shortly.

With all the sleeping going on today I completely forgot abt the sky. Which explains this picture.

You can barely see the colors in the sky from the sun going down. Oh well, the sun was not my friend today so I guess I needed it to be dark before I could rise. I'll start to worry if I grow fangs and crave blood.......

Believe it or not, I *did* actually finish something today!!

I was SO close to finishing it last night, I lite…

There's a New Sheriff in Town

She's packing sharp pointy needles and she's not afraid to use them!!

It's official. Summer has started. It's already been a crazy day and its only 12:30! HOWEVER, I still am happy to be home. I can now focus my attention on the house, both inside and outside. I can start experimenting with meals instead of using the same 4 over and over. I can get some projects done. And quite honestly, the Insane One is releaved. He would SO rather me be at home. It makes his life easier. Now when he comes home, he can crash. Oh, don't get me wrong, he STILL will have his responsibilities, but he wont have to think abt what they are. Plus now that I"m home, I can plan special projects just for him! LOL

I'm very capable of running an office with people under me (been there, done that), but right now, I want to be home with the kids (remind me I said this come Aug when we are ALL ready to go back to school) and play in my yard and in my kitchen and in my craft room. I'…

Three days and counting!!!

Well the last Monday of work/school is over! Three days left for me and the kids! I am SOO ready for it all to be over. They finally decided who will take over for me when I leave, it is the guy that I replaced over a year ago. However he hasnt touched a computer since he left so re-training is a bit of a challenge. He doesn't remember a lot of it, plus we've made some changes since I took over the position. And we only get four 2 hour days to train. Oh well, I'm not happy with it, but it's not my problem come Thursday afternoon.

On a more productive note, I've finished off two projects. First one is Baby Girl's tank.

Here is a close up picture of the yarn.

It's amazing to me how Baby Girl and I have different tastes. I started with the pink (something we both agreed on). That yarn is the Fantasy Naturalle in pink, a mercerized cotton. I really liked working with this yarn. However I ran out. This was some of the yarn I bought at the quilt show

Memes and Skies

Sandi tagged me for a meme where I post 8 random things abt me. I'm also supposed to post the rules of the meme before I start and tag 8 people at the end of it. Well I'm not going to do either of those. If you want to play, consider yourself tagged.

1. I tend to bend rules. LOL

2. I didn't learn how to ride a two wheeler until I was 9. I couldnt get the balance and was afraid I'd fall and hurt myself.

3. I was born and raised in Miami. You would think that would make me a southern girl, but anything south of Palm Beach is either Southern NY or North Cuba.

4. I didnt see snow for the first time until I was 13.

5. The first time I went snow skiing I fell, torn cartiledge in my knee and ended up having surgery.

6. I had skin cancer when I was 22 and lived to tell abt it.

7. The only time I left the country was when I was 11 when we went to Puerto Rico.

8. I do not own a passport.

There you have it. More info abt me than you really cared to know.

Here is my sk…

In the Beginning

I've always been somewhat creatively inclined. Growing up my best friend's dad's friend owned a hobby store and occasionally would give us model houses to put together. (I learned the meaning of Use Glue Sparingly). One of my favorite things in Art Class in elementary school was when we got to made a loom and do a weaving. I dont have that weaving anymore, but I do still have the weaving I made when I was abt 14. In 6th grade we got to spell our names out in hyroglyphics and stitch it out on linen (I think I still have that one as well).

Then it happened. In 9th grade I was put in Home Ec. The patchwork pillow I made wasn't too bad, but the dress. OMG that dress. It was a VERY simple, 2 paneled dress, the front panel and the back panel. That's IT. It had spaghetti straps and an elastic waist band. I was one of the first to start and one of the last to finish. I made SO many mistakes on that dress!! I ripped out more often than I care to remember. Give…

Kitty Thursday

I think I'll take a bath....

Wait, somebody is watching me.

I am shy. Please, look away.

PLEASE! I do NOT wish to be photographed!!

!@#$% Paparazzi!!!!

Fine. Let's see how many of THIS shot will sell.....

Monday Update

We made it thru!! What a wknd, but what fun we had. My little ballerina butterfly was great! I was a little nervous during the run thru, but she nailed it during the show. Here she is afterward still in costume.

And the back.

She had SO much fun and is quite upset that there won't be any ballet the entire summer. Meanwhile I will enjoy the break! LOL

Knitwise, I have a finish!! My cascade socks are DONE!!

I used size 2dpns instead of size 3 and made them a bit longer in the foot. LOVE them!! I plan on wearing them to work tomorrow. When I finished off the toe today, I checked the date I started them. MARCH 12th! Yikes!! These took me a long time! I'm not the fastest sock knitter, but I usually average a pair in 2 weeks, not 2 MONTHS!

With the socks done, I decided to start a project that wasnt a sock or charity oriented. I cast on for a tank top for Baby Girl.

It's a pattern from that Knit A Day calendar I got back in 2006. I'm using some Fantasy Naturale me…

Smoky Sky

Somebody pass me an oxygen mask. This is what my sky looks like this AM.

However it hasn't stopped the animals from coming out to eat.

I've got some quiet time this AM so I decided to take the opportunity to post. Over all, its been going really well. I did have a slight stroke Friday AM when I got home from the parent/teacher conference (Baby Girl's teacher said she is doing fine, very funny and a pleasure to be around. She's also 95% five y/o, 5% thirty y/o. Tell me something I DONT know!) I stopped at the store to pick up some supplies for the dress rehearsal later that day and when I pull up my driveway, my garage door is wide open and so is the door going into the house. I'm sitting there wondering what to do since I didnt leave the house like that and there is no car in the driveway so its not like the IO was home. I finally decide I'm going to call out from the front lawn to scare anybody off so I can go inside. I have no TIME for this today. Come later to…

Cough Cough ~~sputter~~

Living in the south can be very nice. However, right now is NOT that time. Between the fires in South GA and North Fl, and the brush fires 20 miles and 30 miles away, certain times of the day are VERY smoky. It's not as bad as those areas near the fires, but the winds have been blowing smoke from all the fires our way (yes, including the ones in GA). We were all excited abt Sub-tropical storm Andrea, hoping it would dump some rain on us. Well she's close, but not close enough.....

Here's hoping we get some SAFE tropical weather coming our way, and SOON!

Tomorrow and Saturday will be crazy. Tomorrow I have a parent/teacher conference, a Mommy & Me Tea with Baby Girl, shopping for last minute ballet stuff, and then having the dress rehearsal for Hansel & Gretel. Saturday is the main performance. Baby Girl is SO excited!! She is a butterfly and the costumes are gorgeous. AND she gets to wear makeup!! A girly-girl's dream!!

In amongst all this madness, I did finish th…

Monday Morning Update

This was our temp on Thursday at 5:30. It was HOT!!! But then a front went thru and right now it is 72 degrees at 12:42. UNBELIEVEABLE!!! There is a system off the coast of the US near NC that is headed this way. Because of all the wind from the front that rolled thru and this system coming this way, we are getting a lot of beach erosion, esp in Daytona Beach. That's the unfortunate thing abt storms, we DESPERATELY need the rain, but the rains bring the wind and waves which tear apart the beaches. But without the rains, we have brush fires. We really can't win.

All I know is that today is gorgeous and I"m going to enjoy it.

I do have some knitting to report. I finished a sweater for A4A. They've extended their deadline until the end of May so I should be able to finish one more sock. I finished one last week and cast on for the 2nd one, but havent really worked on it since. I did finish a baby sweater for them. It looks SO small but I know it will fit a newborn.

Again, …