As I mentioned before, I checked out a book from the library on blogging. The title (yes I FINALLY found the book) is Teach Yourself Blogging. It gives you a brief history on weblogging; what a blog is and why you'd want to blog in the first place. Then it gets into what services to use (based on what you plan on blogging abt), how to give your blog structure, and the all important *How not to end up in jail for Libel or Defamation*.

It's all very interesting, even for someone with a little knitting blog and a readership of abt 10. This suits me fine, since I didn't start this blog to get as big as, say, The Yarn Harlot (who, BTW, I LOVE). I started this blog to have a place to share my love of knitting. Of course I'm more than a couple of sticks and some string so I also post abt my other hobbies of stitching and quilting; my other loves of family (including my crazy cats) and the occasional garden and food picture.

Speaking of cats, there was a cute little paragraph in this book that I have to share.

  • The nature of weblogs changed as they started to be used as a platform for personal publishing, as much as a filter for other web pages. Content was as varied in size, shape and kind as their authors. Apart from the personal diaries, bloggers have used the the form to analyze and critique mainstream news stories (can you believe Sanjaya lasted on American Idol for so long?) and media (I wish they'd stop playing so many repeats of Grey's Anatomy), publish expert opinion on topics in which they specialize (Regia vs Lorna's Laces), as a soap box for their political views (Rosie vs Elizabeth) and as a place for essays about the quirky, lovable behavior of their pets - particularly cats.

And apparently this is very true by all the blogs that I read that include pictures of their cats. Including this one.

I will continue with my personal insights as I progress in the study of said manuscript. (see how handy a thesaurus can be?!?)

"..particularly [ADORABLE] cats."


Dee said…
Okay --- so how do we protect ourselves from slander and libel ...or more importantly how do we prevent ourselves from slandering and libeling???? Inquiring minds probably NEED to know. LOL
stitcherw said…
Sounds like an interesing book, and of course you had another adorable picture, what a perfect little poser.
Deborah said…
hey, when you are done, I wanna take your class!
AlisonH said…
Anything that the person being spoken about perceives as being hurtful to them or their business, *even if it is true* is slander or libel under the law.

There was a local case here last year where a small business owner inadvertently let his domain name lapse, and his competitor down the street immediately bought it and turned it into a porn site. Not what you'd expect when you enter so and so The original owner sued for libel and damages, and won, bigtime.

(Sorry for being so serious, I was trying to answer Dee's question, hope you don't mind.)

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