Cough Cough ~~sputter~~

Living in the south can be very nice. However, right now is NOT that time. Between the fires in South GA and North Fl, and the brush fires 20 miles and 30 miles away, certain times of the day are VERY smoky. It's not as bad as those areas near the fires, but the winds have been blowing smoke from all the fires our way (yes, including the ones in GA). We were all excited abt Sub-tropical storm Andrea, hoping it would dump some rain on us. Well she's close, but not close enough.....

Here's hoping we get some SAFE tropical weather coming our way, and SOON!

Tomorrow and Saturday will be crazy. Tomorrow I have a parent/teacher conference, a Mommy & Me Tea with Baby Girl, shopping for last minute ballet stuff, and then having the dress rehearsal for Hansel & Gretel. Saturday is the main performance. Baby Girl is SO excited!! She is a butterfly and the costumes are gorgeous. AND she gets to wear makeup!! A girly-girl's dream!!

In amongst all this madness, I did finish the animal shelter afghan.

It came out pretty big. To give you an idea of its size, here is Baby Girl next to it.

I've been working on this blanket on and off for the past 2 months. I cast on 108 stitches on size 10.5 circular needles, used 12 different skeins of acrylic yarn (used up 10 of those skeins), and the finished size is 34"wx28"h. It came out pretty decent, but I dont think I'd make one that big again. If I'm going to go that big in size, I'll stick to sewing. But I will eventually make another one, probably around the same size as the first one I did (26x20.5).

All that I have on the needles now are two socks, the blue charity socks (I'm at the heel of sock #2) and the yellow/green fixation socks (on the foot of sock #2). I will be staying at the dress rehearsal tomorrow night so I should get a lot done while there.

No time for Saturday Sky or Friday Eye Candy this week so here is Kitty Thursday.

Dinnertime Love......


Dee said…
Awwwww -- cute kitty picture.

Have a good weekend. Tell Baby Girl congratulations on being a butterfly. I bet she's the prettiest butterfly there.
stitcherw said…
Cute kitty tails, amazing how everything stops for dinner. :)

The shelter blanket turned out great, with the bigger size it will make a larger dog (or group of puppies) very happy and comfy.

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