In the Beginning

I've always been somewhat creatively inclined. Growing up my best friend's dad's friend owned a hobby store and occasionally would give us model houses to put together. (I learned the meaning of Use Glue Sparingly). One of my favorite things in Art Class in elementary school was when we got to made a loom and do a weaving. I dont have that weaving anymore, but I do still have the weaving I made when I was abt 14. In 6th grade we got to spell our names out in hyroglyphics and stitch it out on linen (I think I still have that one as well).

Then it happened. In 9th grade I was put in Home Ec. The patchwork pillow I made wasn't too bad, but the dress. OMG that dress. It was a VERY simple, 2 paneled dress, the front panel and the back panel. That's IT. It had spaghetti straps and an elastic waist band. I was one of the first to start and one of the last to finish. I made SO many mistakes on that dress!! I ripped out more often than I care to remember. Give me a complex Algebraic problem and I'd have no problem solving it, but why couldnt I sew a straight seam?!?!

I got an A in the class, but I got rid of the dress. Along with the desire of ever sewing again.

I gave up the fiber arts and went to paper. I scrapbooked before it was popular. I used wrapping paper and pretty stationary to make my albums pretty. I cut out pictures from magazines and made 2 huge collages. It wasnt until I was married and living in NY that I picked up a needle again.

My sister in law was BIG into cross stitch. For our anniversary, she stitched us a nice saying with pretty ivy trim. I loved it! And it looked like something I might like to try... It was the beginning of 1989 and I was itching to scratch my creative itch.

I got a thing in the mail for a free cross stitch magazine and sent away for it. I was SO excited to get it!! However it was just the charts. Where are the supplies?? For some reason I thought it was a kit, not just a magazine.

I was down but not out yet. I went to a Five and Dime store (remember those?) and they sold cross stitch kits! WOOHOO!! I took it back to work to show my friend and she told me I got the wrong one! It wasnt stamped and this counted stuff was going to make me nuts. Well stamped may be fine for some things, but I so prefered the look of the counted.

I took it home.

After my experience with that !@#$ dress, I was VERY nervous abt this kit, but I was more stubborn, uh, DETERMINED, than nervous. And guess what?? I DID IT!!!! It took me 5 days but on Sept 24, 1989 I finished my very first cross stitch project.

And I still have it.

I LOVED it, but it was very stressful for me. I can't sew, what was I thinking??? But I still had that magazine. There were beautiful projects in there that I wanted to do. So in January I went back to that five and dime and got another kit.

I had alot of fun with that one and knew I was ready to move on to my magazine. It was the Premiere Issue of For the Love Of Cross Stitch. And my next project was done a month later.

I have been using this one particular magazine on and off since 1990. I've done over 1/2 of the charts in it. In fact my latest project is out of it.

I'm hoping to have it done and hanging in my laundry room by this wknd. It amazes me with the amount of stash I have, how I can still go back to this magazine from almost 20 years ago and still find something I'd want to do out of it.

I'm still knitting as well and am making progress on Baby Girl's Tank

And once summer break starts next week, I'm hoping to break out the sewing machine and start making some A-line dresses for Baby Girl and some shorts for #1 Son.

Maybe one day I'll make another !@#$% dress for me.


lissylaine said…
Hi Lynn, thanks for commenting on my blog! I loved that issue of For the Love of Cross Stitch too, and even stitched that same design. I changed the wording on mine (, and it hangs in my mom's laundry room. :) You do beautiful work.
Jane said…
I remember that magazine. I got rid of all my cross stitch magazines in the big "I have to move" purge. I think my first counted cross stitch was a little owl kit. I had it for a long time. It was in a frame with a magnet on the back, and it hung on my fridge for years until it self-destructed.
Sarah said…
Thanks for stopping by during my sparkly pink sock debate. It's still pink and still sparkly, which were the leading qualities of this sock yarn. Now I really want them done!
stitcherw said…
It was fun hearing about how you started stitching, very cute first projects.

Baby girl's top is going to be so pretty, she'll love the pink. Good luck with the sewing, that is something I was never able to master as well.
Sandra said…
My Brother-in-law was doing counted x-stitch before I learned, but I thought that if he could do it, I surely could. One year I managed to complete (5 yr project) a huge picture of an entire Carousel done in metallic threads. They were a total pain, they broke constantly. But when it was finished, it took the Blue Ribbon at the County Fair. I guess I finally learned it well enough.

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