Monday Morning Update

This was our temp on Thursday at 5:30. It was HOT!!! But then a front went thru and right now it is 72 degrees at 12:42. UNBELIEVEABLE!!! There is a system off the coast of the US near NC that is headed this way. Because of all the wind from the front that rolled thru and this system coming this way, we are getting a lot of beach erosion, esp in Daytona Beach. That's the unfortunate thing abt storms, we DESPERATELY need the rain, but the rains bring the wind and waves which tear apart the beaches. But without the rains, we have brush fires. We really can't win.

All I know is that today is gorgeous and I"m going to enjoy it.

I do have some knitting to report. I finished a sweater for A4A. They've extended their deadline until the end of May so I should be able to finish one more sock. I finished one last week and cast on for the 2nd one, but havent really worked on it since. I did finish a baby sweater for them. It looks SO small but I know it will fit a newborn.

Again, I'm not thrilled abt my finishing skills, but I figure if I make enough of the baby sweaters and practice my seaming, by the time I make a sweater for me, I'll be pretty good at it. This pattern is from a Debbie Bliss book, and I used some of my $1 wool. It's Germaintown and pretty nice to work with. The pattern was easy, a typical boat neck sweater, definitely one I'll use again.

I've also been taking pics of some of the things blooming in our yard. Like I said, its been HOT and a lot of our summer flowers are beginning to pop up.

Our magnolia tree is starting to bloom.

They smell heavenly!!

Some of my flowers work for Project Spectrum as well.We've got some lantana.

This is from our mimosa tree. The flowers remind me of fireworks.

And the black eyed susans are still going strong.

This is Teacher Appreciation week at Baby Girl's school and they will be cut and given to Baby Girl's teacher and aide. The IO will either just cut the rest down or attempt to move it to another location.

It's a perfect day to go for a drive!


ADHD Mom said…
Lynn, I just love the flowers! The sweater will definitely fit a newborn, maybe even bigger. I am so envious of your knitting skills and I wish we lived closer so that we could get together to knit! Your daughter is so adorable - she has beautiful eyes and she is so cute with her baby cat ;)
Dee said…
Kitty looks a little less thrilled with the ride. LOL
Diane said…
Love the mimosa tree flowers. Hope baby girl has on the ac for her drive; would hate for her and the cat to get overheated.

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