Monday Update

We made it thru!! What a wknd, but what fun we had. My little ballerina butterfly was great! I was a little nervous during the run thru, but she nailed it during the show. Here she is afterward still in costume.

And the back.

She had SO much fun and is quite upset that there won't be any ballet the entire summer. Meanwhile I will enjoy the break! LOL

Knitwise, I have a finish!! My cascade socks are DONE!!

I used size 2dpns instead of size 3 and made them a bit longer in the foot. LOVE them!! I plan on wearing them to work tomorrow. When I finished off the toe today, I checked the date I started them. MARCH 12th! Yikes!! These took me a long time! I'm not the fastest sock knitter, but I usually average a pair in 2 weeks, not 2 MONTHS!

With the socks done, I decided to start a project that wasnt a sock or charity oriented. I cast on for a tank top for Baby Girl.

It's a pattern from that Knit A Day calendar I got back in 2006. I'm using some Fantasy Naturale mercerized cotton yarn and I'm really liking it. Its very smooth to work with and very pliable. The last tank I made for Baby Girl I used Tahki Cotton and that seems a bit heavier than I like. This is a bit airier. Unfortunately I dont have enough to finish the tank so I will see if I have some coordinating yarn from the stash to add to it. All I really need is one more skein of the FN yarn. I'll see what I can come up with.......

I also worked on some cross stitching. I pulled out Queen Ann's Lace and worked on that for a couple of days. Here are my before and after pictures.

For those of you not seeing the progress, I worked on the top left. There is more green than I started out with, but I got sick of working on all that green so I put it away for a bit. Hopefully I'll work on it more often than I have been. I started this thing back in June of 2000. I made some good progress in 2001, but it never saw light of day until 2005. I worked on it twice in 2005, four times in 2006, and this is the first time I worked on it in 2007. It's not hard, but there are a TON of color changes. I may have to pull out another easy one to work on, all 4 cross stitch projects I have going on are BIG!

Until then, I'm going to enjoy that tank.


Melissa said…
HOW CUTE!! That is just adorable. I hope you had a great Mother's Day.
Knitty Kitty said…
I started my first pair of fixations on the recommended size 3's......within an inch of knitting I could tell that wasn't going to fly. I guess I am just a loosey goosey knitter! How many did you cast on??
Dee said…
What a cute little outfit for the butterfly!

Congrats on the socks. :::shudder::: Fixation!

Good to see some cross stitch again too. Queen Anne is going to be lovely.
stitcherw said…
Baby Girl is adorable, her costume is to cute. Your socks look like they are very comfy too, pretty color, congrats on the finish.

It was fun seeing Anne pop up again in your stitching, but I can see how working on the green to long would drive you nuts. Hang in there, you'll get it done. :)
Deborah said…
that ballerina baby is absolutely gorgeous! I would have cried through the entire performance!
Diane said…
OMG! I remember those dance recitals and all those costumes! Your little butterfly is very cute.
Sandra said…
Your little Butterfly is gorgeous. Having watched my niece grow up in dance, I know what the recital was like. I love watching them, especially the younger ones. Too cute for words. You must be so proud.
mf said…
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