Smoky Sky

Somebody pass me an oxygen mask. This is what my sky looks like this AM.

However it hasn't stopped the animals from coming out to eat.

I've got some quiet time this AM so I decided to take the opportunity to post. Over all, its been going really well. I did have a slight stroke Friday AM when I got home from the parent/teacher conference (Baby Girl's teacher said she is doing fine, very funny and a pleasure to be around. She's also 95% five y/o, 5% thirty y/o. Tell me something I DONT know!) I stopped at the store to pick up some supplies for the dress rehearsal later that day and when I pull up my driveway, my garage door is wide open and so is the door going into the house. I'm sitting there wondering what to do since I didnt leave the house like that and there is no car in the driveway so its not like the IO was home. I finally decide I'm going to call out from the front lawn to scare anybody off so I can go inside. I have no TIME for this today. Come later to rob me. I'll even show you where the better yarn is hidden. As I'm looking into the house, I see somebody inside! WAIT!! I KNOW that somebody.

Insane One??

The IO comes to the door with #1 Son standing behind him! Apparently they got a flat on the way to school and the donut was flat as well so he was waiting for me to get home to use the spare in my van. It is after 9am. Meanwhile I need to be back at the school for the Mommy and Me Tea by 10:30 AND the IO was picking up the tights Baby Girl needed for her performance later that day.

SIDE STORY: It's taking him all week to pick up these tights. He's been to the shop on Tues (he went too early and they were closed), Wed (they were closed the entire day) AND Thurs (the woman told him that she wasn't done sewing them up yet, come back Friday). Since you dont sew up tights, we figured out he was going to the wrong place. He was going to the costume store ACROSS THE STREET from the dancewear store. ~sigh~

It all worked out in the end, thankfully.

However it explains why I look so tired at the Mommy & Me Tea.

Two more weeks and its all over. I know I'll still be busy with the kids, stay at home moms are still busy, but after the schedule I've been keeping lately, it will still be a slower pace.

Later that day once I got Baby Girl to the community college for her dress rehearsal, there was a LOT of down time. They didn't want all the moms to be hovering in back, but I didnt want to completely leave so I sat in the auditorium and watched them prepare for the show. VERY interesting! It's fun to watch them mark the floor for each group of dancers. As I'm watching them work thru their dance routines, I'm getting nervous for these dancers. It didnt really go that well and it makes you wonder how the performance is going to be. Well it all worked out really well for the dress rehearsal. And I have to say I was really impressed with the level of the performance. I was expecting more of a high school/grade school performance, but since it's an actual dance studio, the dancers were really good. Plus they announced at the beginning that 3 of the girls were accepted to other ballet conservatories to continue their dance. Who knew this was such a good school?? I signed Baby Girl up for next year as well.

You know how special ballet is to me Mommy.

Here she is getting ready. One of the moms was fixing her hair for me. I did it before we left, but apparently I didnt use 1/2 a bottle of spray gel to plaster her hair to her head. I'll be better prepared for today.

I didn't get any of her in her costume, I'll get some of those today.

Like I said before, I had alot of downtime while I watched the performers get ready for the show. I brought a knitting magazine, a knitting catalog and a food magazine. And I knit. And knit. And knit! And I"m STILL not done with my fixation sock!!! But I'm close. I have abt another inch to go before I can start the decreases for the toe. I should get close today during the downtime from when I drop Meghan off and to when the performance starts.

I did finish up these socks a couple of days ago.

I used the Magic 28 numbers to make it and it worked up pretty quick. I think that's why the fixation sock feels like its taking so long. The Magic 28 sock had only 28 stitches on size 5 needles. I did both socks in 4 days. These socks are the last of the pile that I'm sending to A4A. I have the package all set to go and I REALLY wanted to get to the post office before Monday since that's the day of the increase. At this point, I'm paying the new rates.

Here's what I'm sending off to A4A. It pays to let things pile up before sending them out!

Ok now I'm off to repack Baby Girl's backpack and to start getting ready. The life of a ballerina is tiring, but the life of the ballerina's assistant is exhausting!


Anonymous said…
It looks like you and the little one had a good time at the Mommy & Me event. Bet it was great fun too.

I was wondering if the fires were in any way threatening you. I'm glad they are not too close as to cause you great concern, but I hope they will be able to end them soon, for everyone concerned.

Now, just a note to let you know that you have been tagged! You can read about it on my blog, and get the rules there too. Have fun. I look forward to reading your answers. Of course, this is voluntary, so if you don't want to "play" do not feel obligated.
Anonymous said…
Wow're smoky!

We weren't so bad today. The breeze must have been going the other way.

Good luck to the little Butterfly tonight!
stitcherw said…
Boy you've been busy. The tea looks like it was fun, glad you got everything taken care of in time. That would have been scary coming back to the house with everything open, it would give you a heart attack, glad it worked out well.

The ballet rehersal sounds like it would have been cute to watch. It is amazing what all they can do. Also, seems like it gave you a nice break to sit and knit, the socks look great.

Hope the fires stay away from you, and that your air clears soon. News reports here say the air quality is really getting bad. Take care,

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