There's a New Sheriff in Town

She's packing sharp pointy needles and she's not afraid to use them!!

It's official. Summer has started. It's already been a crazy day and its only 12:30! HOWEVER, I still am happy to be home. I can now focus my attention on the house, both inside and outside. I can start experimenting with meals instead of using the same 4 over and over. I can get some projects done. And quite honestly, the Insane One is releaved. He would SO rather me be at home. It makes his life easier. Now when he comes home, he can crash. Oh, don't get me wrong, he STILL will have his responsibilities, but he wont have to think abt what they are. Plus now that I"m home, I can plan special projects just for him! LOL

I'm very capable of running an office with people under me (been there, done that), but right now, I want to be home with the kids (remind me I said this come Aug when we are ALL ready to go back to school) and play in my yard and in my kitchen and in my craft room. I've been on the fast track long enough and I'm glad to get off.

Since yesterday was everybody's last day, it wouldn't be official unless I took pictures.
Here is the first day of school followed by the last day of school

I dont notice as much of a difference in #1 Son as I do with Baby Girl. It's amazing how much they can change in 9 months.

Now to update on some projects. Here is my current cross stitch one, the laundry.

All I have left to do is back stitch and add french knots. There isnt that much left and I plan on working on it thruout the day so hopefully I'll get a lot done. I'm making it a bit different, Doodle Head did the same project and added posts to hers. I loved that!! So I am going to use the same idea and add the posts. I wouldn't have thought abt it until I saw it, and now I like the posts SO much better than the original design. Thanks Doodle Head for the great idea!!

Knitwise, I started a wrap for myself from a kit that I bought at my LYS when she was having her summer sale last July(ish). I'm using the Euroflax yarn and I'm still not sure what to think abt it. Here is a picture of what I've done so far.

I need to make 81 repeats to make the wrap long enough and I'm on repeat #4. My goal is to complete one repeat a day. This way, even if I only do one repeat a day, I will have this done by August. Not exactly wrap wearing weather, but it will be ready to go when I need it. I also found out that a friend of mine is pregnant with a girl and is due in the fall. She lives in Louisiana so she wont need anything too heavy, but I see socks being a needed item and possibly a sweater. Not sure yet, will have to think abt it some more........

Uh oh....With her being home, does that mean we'll actually have to BEHAVE during the day now?!?


Anonymous said…
Enjoy your time off! Ahhhhh, the lazy days of summer.
Being home sounds lovely!! But for some reason, I can't talk DH into my being a stay at home wife. I even told him I need to be home for the kitties! :o)

Your laundry stitching is very nice! Is that from an old For the Love of Cross Stitch magazine?? It looks so familiar!
Deborah said…
You've got it mixed up! Baby Girl is the same but No. 1 son is now a man. His face is much maturer!
Jane said…
I dunno, but it looks to me like both kids changed a lot over the school year. Cuties, both of them!
stitcherw said…
They both have grown during the last school year, especially Baby Girl. It is kind of like the progress pictures we take of our stitching, we don't really notice a lot until we put the pictures side by side and then we can see the difference. Have fun this summer, I'll be thinking of you as I sit in my office.
Diane said…
Don't you love how on the first day of school you spend a lot of time making sure your kids are dressed well and on the last you are just happy that they are wearing clean things. lol. Big change in baby girl.

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