Tuesday Morning Train of Thought

Yesterday was very strange. I kept forgetting that I didnt have to go into the office today and I kept getting these waves of discouragement I normally get on the night before going back to work. I start a project but because life is busy, I never get that far into it and by the time I can pick it up again, its worse than when I left it ~or~ I end up putting away everything I got started on which kind of puts me back to zero.

But I didnt have to do that yesterday. And it felt strange. I'm not as happy as I thought I'd be. Now before we go any further, I am SO happy that I'm not going back to The Office for at least the summer, but I've been going in to this particular office for 1.5 years. It doesnt sound long, but the fact that I started working at The Office when #1 Son was in 1st grade and he just finished 2nd makes it feel much longer than it actually was. Plus one of the irons that the Insane One has in the fire should break by the end of this week. It will make up for my lost salary plus get us caught up on bills. I should be happy right?

And I *am*. But I think the problem is that I'm in limbo. I need to do a MAJOR grocery shopping, I want to have an end of the school year party for the kids, and I need to pay some bills. But I can't do any of this until Friday. Plus this house has gone downhill since last Oct and there is so much that I want to do. So I'm also overwhelmed as to where I want to start. Overwhelmed and in limbo. Not a great combination.

But come Friday.....Friday you will find me at Target for some Retail Therapy!! I think I'll buy some new dish towels for the kitchen. A transitional cheap and easy fix! And maybe some tangerine lip gloss so I can open the door.*

Meanwhile I knit and stitch.

And start new projects.

I've cast on for 2 more projects over the wknd. I'm really not loving the Euroflax. I feel like I'm knitting with string. It's very stiff and it hurts my hands after awhile. But I've seen the final product and since it washes and blocks out very nicely, I will continue. As long as I do a repeat a day (4 rows), I'll get that lacy stole done. But since I only had that on the needles, I cast on for a dress for Baby Girl with some Berroco Pronto. Ok this stuff is NICE! Its a cotton/acrylic blend and feels like fleece fabric. Very soft and even though it's a worsted weight thickness, it feels so much lighter than that. I'd love to do a sweater for me in it, but alas, like all good yarns I find, its discontinued. So I will enjoy what I have. Here it is in all its beginning glory. A seed stitch border with a stockinette skirt.

I also cast on for another shelter blanket. I found a box FULL of acrylics that was given to me and it got me itching to use some of it up. Here it is, also in an infant stage.

I've also worked on the stole and Too Pooped over the wknd but the stole is only 2 repeats longer than the last picture and I'm waiting until I'm ready to switch Too Pooped out before I post a picture.

*That Geico commercial makes me laugh EVERY time! And its a running joke between me and the IO.
**Also I don't feel as bad as the above post reads. I'm ready to transition into my new *job* TODAY, not wait until Friday. Isnt that what women who don't work do?? Shop and put on Tangerine Lip Gloss????


stitcherw said…
Not going into the office every day will certainly be a big transition, but I'm sure you'll find your time totally full and wonder how you ever had time to work very soon. However, the combination of being in transition and the limbo of not being able to start all the stuff you know will need to be done would be frustrating. In the meantime, love both of your new starts and am looking forward to seeing Too Pooped when you get a picture posted. :)
Anonymous said…
Hmmmmm....not so into the tangerine lipgloss. LOL

How about Burt's Bee's honey lipgloss? Will that do?

Hope you are into the swing of your new summer life soon! Have fun shopping.

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