What a Difference a Day Makes!

Or what a difference getting out of the house and into Target can make!! LOL I realized that I hadn't been out of the house since Thursday. No wonder I couldnt get myself out of a funk!! So I took the kids and we went to Target. No, the money didnt come in sooner and yes I'm still a bit anxious abt it actually happening, but if a body moves around and actually gets out of the house once in awhile, that can make a BIG difference!!!!

I *did* look at their tangerine lip gloss, but seriously, not for me. However the cherry looked particularly shiny so I put that in the cart. And then it went back on the shelf when the rugrats picked up some rubber balls to play with. Best choice since those balls have kept them VERY occupied!!!

And the other great part of taking the kids with me?? When I got home, the IO said to go into the bedroom, lock the door and he would field all questions from the rugrats! WOOHOO. So I worked a bit more on Too Pooped. Here are my before and after shots for this go around.
What it looked like back in January....

As of yesterday...

I think I'll start working on his body the next go around. Poor thing has been legless for way too long!!

Well my buzzer just went off. My time on the computer is over. See what happens when you need to share a computer with 3 other people?!?!


Jane said…
I've been to Target twice this week, and will be going back tomorrow. Thank goodness for Target! Your cross stitch is looking good - what a cute design.
Deborah said…
each of my boys had their own computers. Then, one by one, they each lost the priviledge when I found "strange photos". Now we all share one machine and it is a real pain.

Love the needlepoint, it is looking beautiful.
stitcherw said…
Yup, just getting out can make a huge differenc. Too Pooped looks great, you made good progress on the one limb. I'll bet switching to the body would be nice also as not only would he get legs but you'd get a bit of a break from all the browns.:)

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