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Saturday Socks

Back in Nov 2006, I dyed some yarn for the first time with Kool Aid. You can read abt that HERE.

I finally started a pair of socks with this yarn on June 2nd. And I finally finished them in the nick of time to post for my June socks.

The fact that it took me almost a month to knit a pair of socks on size 5 needles in worsted weight yarn is just sad. But they are done and that's all that matters. The good thing abt being a part of SOM3 is that it helps me focus on getting my socks done. Here are a couple more shots of the socks.

You can notice that the socks are variegated. When I dyed the wool, I left it in the skein it came in and just figured I'd wing it. Well the first sock is a bit lighter due to the fact it was the innerds of the skein, but I dont think its that bad of a difference and I'm quite happy with the turnout.

So was Baby Girl and she wanted me to make a scarf for her Barbie. Thankfully it didnt take me as long to make the scarf as it did the socks!!


We're Back!

And had a nice little break from the house. The hotel we stayed at was the Best Western of Naples. It was a nice room with a fridge, a microwave and a view.

This is what we saw outside our sliding glass door.

The weird part abt this place??? If it's Sunday afternoon around 4:30 and you want extra towels, you're out of luck. Housekeeping is gone and if I needed more towels I had to wait until Monday morning. Not the thing you want to hear when the kids are in the pool and you need something to dry off with. But the hotel was paid for by the company so I worked with it.

While the IO worked on Monday, I took the rugrats to the zoo. I have to say, it was a pretty decent zoo. The enclosures for the animals were a good size and they were on land, not on a concrete slab that could be hosed down behind some bars. I didnt have my camera so of course the animals all posed for us! There was a kangaroo that looked like Burt Reynolds w/o the bear skin rug!! I'd go back again, but not unti…

Saturday Friends

Back when I was a teenager, we had a group of friends that used to hang out together. Time marches on, people move away, things change. But then one day you will be with these same people again, except YOU are now the PARENTS and your KIDS are the teenagers hanging out. And there was a small taste of puppy love in the air.

It's great to revisit old friends and amazing what a small world we live in. It's also amazing how much of our lives have changed (children aged 17 thru 2.5 years) and yet how much is the same. We were all married around the same time, we are STILL married to these same men, and yet we can still get together and talk abt old boyfriends w/o skipping a beat!

That was the best part of the day. The worst? Not getting a picture of the 3 of us together. Feh.

I forgot to take that picture, but I didn't forget the sky.

Blue, hot and humid. A typical summer day in Florida.

I don't normally post pictures of food because I can never make it look pretty, b…

Kitty Thursdays

I just love the great outdoors!

That bird's gotta come out sooner or later!!

Oh just a bit more behind your ear......

....and your neck........


That crazy lady with the camera will never find me under here!!!

I Gotta Do Something......

...or else the fiber will take over the house!!! I get in my moods for eBay. Sometimes I can just browse, other times I gotta spend. I don't seem to have this problem with other on-line shops (even though I'm still trying to fight against the sale at Knit Picks), but its the thrill of the hunt for a good bargain that gets me.

I just got out of an eBay frenzy. Here's my haul.

Summer is the perfect time to look for leftover wool bits. It's warm and you have a few people cleaning out their stash for the new lighter weight yarns. So I got some nice wool yarn that I can't wait to try. AND I've been wanting a yarn winder for abt a month now and I was searching on line at a few places. This was the cheapest I found at $34.25 INCLUDING SHIPPING! Not bad, esp since it was new in the box!! I've been looking for a swift, but those are pricey. During a google search, I came across this. My order should be here by the beginning of next week!

Last month I go…

I Wasn't Gonna Do It.......

I wasn't going to post any more pictures from the magazines I was given. No more magazine time traveling for me!! I figured, how can I top the Latch Hook Rug jacket?!?

I can't top it, but I come close......

So I'm looking thru the Better Homes and Gardens Creative Ideas magazine for Sweaters and Afghans circa 1980. Considering its 27 years old, some of the projects are pretty decent and I could see making them.

The men's sweater is my favorite here:

The afghan is really pretty and in colors that arent harsh.

It just goes to show you that classic items in neutral colors never go out of style.

Then the magazine gets interesting. I like the sweater but what happened to the other cute model by the water?? And what's up with the hat?!?!!?

Ok so the hat is to hide the receding hair line. Again I like his sweater, but there is more distraction in this picture. Like the polyester tight pants and the semi-Dorothy Hamill hair cut.

What is with the hats?!?! I graduated in 1984 and NO…

Sunday Morning Sky

I didn't forget to take a picture of the sky yesterday, but the batteries died in my camera! I just put in new ones too, but I guess that explains why buying 4 AA batteries for only a $1 is NOT a good idea!!. So w/o further ado.....

Yesterday was a busy day with my sisters out. Baby Girl got even MORE clothing! And #1 Son got his GameBoy. Well the Nintendo DS version of a hand held game. Apparently they are no longer making new games for the GameBoy and the latest and greatest is the Nintendo DS. Since it was more money than the GB, I told my sister that I would pay the difference. Well between the game system, a game (because apparently it doesnt come with one) and a cool container to carry it all in (I swear this container looks like something a spy would carry!) *I* ended up spending more than her!!! But #1 Son is VERY happy and everything is right in his world.

Side story: When I told the guy that I wanted a GameBoy for my son, he asked me which version I wanted. I …

Project Update

It's been abt a week since I've shown any knitting. There has been some, just not alot of it. And what's been done hasnt been all that exciting. However this is partially a knitting blog so I will show you where I stand on each one.

Project #1

Another kitty blanket. I really want to use up this acrylic yarn and this really is the best way I can think of right now. Hopefully the cheery bright yarn will make some kitty (or small doggy) that much more adoptable.

Project #2

Dress for Baby Girl. I LOVE this yarn! And apparently so do the cats!! You can see Tiger's paws in this picture. She (yes, Tiger is a *she*) started going after it the minute I pulled it out. This is also the project I found on the floor with the ball a bit mushed apart. Thankfully no damage was done, but it scares me when they get near it. I'm not so sure what's so special abt this yarn, it's Berocco Pronto, a 50/50 cotton/acrylic blend.

I was hoping that Baby Girl might wear the dress during th…

Kitty Thursdays

Lucy says:

MA! Can you stop cleaning the house? I'm trying to take a nap!!

Meanwhile, Princess says:

I want to know when she's going to put this mess away and feed me!

Virtual Vacation!!!

A lot of people have plans for the summer. I am not one of them. We may do a wknd here and there, but as far as getting away for a week or 3, it doesn't look like that will happen. So instead I will go on a virtual vacation. Or, more specifically, I will join the Knitter's Virtual Vacation Swap! I've never joined a swap before, but from what I've seen, most swaps turn out great and are a lot of fun. So here we go!!

First up, the questionnaire.

1. If you could visit any state in the US, which would it be and why?
I would love to go to Alaska. I had some friends take a cruise to Alaska and they said it was breathtaking!! I would love the wide open spaces and the cooler weather. This would also provide me another chance to wear some of my hand knit things. We have a short time span to show off our knits when living in Florida.

2. If you could visit any country in the world, other than your own, which would it be and why?
This one is SO hard for me to choose!! The only time I l…

What's Yellow and Orange and Green All Over?

Why, the 70's of course!! Welcome to part 2 of our 70's flashback thru magazine literature. Today's installment includes decorating. Feel free to click on each picture to make it bigger, but please put on protective eyewear, some of this stuff can hurt your eyes.......

First up.

And then there's

All I can say is WHY?? There is SO much to look at because there is SO much going on in a variety of colors that dont want to match. Where does my eye rest? And where does my stomach empty?? Maybe on the couch.

If you don't like yellow and orange and green and brown, you can always decorate for the bicentennial.

My sister had this exact wallpaper!

And we had this rug!

and this purse

I like this stash

but I like this one better

Ok then there's this picture.

At first it was a bit jarring but then I started to really look at it. I like the quilts alot. Softer tones than some of the other stuff they had shown (we are also progressing into the later part of the 70's). The…