Any Which Way You Can

On the Socknitters Yahoo Group, a woman asked the question of how we got started knitting socks, and what method do you use? And the answers are as varied as the sock yarns out there. It's amazing how many ways you can knit a sock and still end up with a product that actually LOOKS like a sock!

My first pair of socks were made in March of 2005, but in true form, I had to fixate on them for a few months before I would actually try it. I REALLY loved the idea of making socks, but the sock patterns in knitting magazines didn't break down the instructions enough for me to follow. I needed something very basic. Plus knitting on size 2 or size 1 dpns seemed RIDICULOUS!! (my how we change!LOL)

This was around the same time I was working at JoAnn Fabrics. One day while I was putting away some returned items, I noticed a booklet on the shelf, Knit a Dozen Baby Socks. As I looked thru it, I realized that these were doable. The socks here were knit with DK weight yarn and size 3 dpns. Not super tiny, but not thick and bulky either. I bought the book that day, but had to wait until the wknd when I could get to Michaels to pick up my dpns and some yarn. At that time, JoAnn's didnt carry dpns or any nice dk weight yarn.

And this is what I ended up with.

I was really proud of these socks! I made sure I started in the same area, but was disappointed that the toes were a bit different. They got sent to my 2 month old nephew along with a big box of clothes.

What I've learned since:

1) I've learned that I like to use 4 dpns when knitting socks. I like the triangle and I dont get ladders by the joins. To me, I have one less join to worry abt when I'm working with 4 dpns rather than 5 dpns. I also learned I like my cheapo metal Bates needles. I've tried bamboo, plastic and even a coated metal needle by Onyx, but I like the slipperiness of the Bates metal.

2) I've learned that, while those socks came out cute, they were knit with acrylic yarn. I dont mind knitting with acrylics, they wear like iron and with little kids, that is important, but I dont care for it with socks. I went to my LYS for some sock yarn but I wasnt that impressed. So I did the next best thing.....I went shopping on eBay! And so started my obsession with sock yarn!!

I've made 14 pairs of socks, and I learn something new each time. And I started my 15th pair last night.

Apparently I'm suffering from startitis and I needed to start yet one more project. A worsted weight wool sock at the beginning of June.

For me.

While living in Florida.

Go figure.


Jane said…
Worsted weight, huh? Well, you never know. What with climate change and all, you might just need them sooner than you think. Heh
Anonymous said…
Sock knitting is NEVER wrong.

Those powdered metal needles you hated? Were they the Inox needles you gave me?

I love 'em. Go figure. You love Fixation, I hate it. You hate Inox. I love 'em. LOL
stitcherw said…
At the rate I knit, they would be done by next Christmas (2008), so starting now would be good planning, LOL. Also, I didn't pick up in your entries before that you use the metal double points, I didn't even know there were such a thing. I have bamboo from my one sock class, but they do tend to stick a little, wonder if I'd like the metal better, might be worth a try. Maybe then my one pair of socks might actually get done that way. :)
Anonymous said…
Hi from one fellow 'thrower not picker to another':) I love Inox, one of my fav yarns was Lion Brand Sportweight for socks now discont.
Everytime I make a pair I learn something new. I love 5dpns/don't get ladders thanks to a tip.
Socks make the best projects...everyone loves them, easy to carry, great summer projects as well as winter and feel soooooooo nice.
Knitman said…
I like those socks and don't care at all that they are not identical.
Vivian said…
Socks are so much fun, and even better cause you don't have to count them in WIP :-) I've been knitting them for almost 10 years and always look forward to casting on the next pair.

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