Boy was that quick! Part II

Well Barry has come and gone and he was all wet!! We got a few inches of much needed rain overnight and thru this AM. Around 3pm this was my sky.

Absolutely gorgeous!!

An hour later I'm back to wind and this.....

Even though all the satelite pictures show all the rain has passed us, the *eye* of Barry is still crossing the state. So this is the back end of Barry. No rain, but hopefully we'll get a bit more before it all goes away.

No ANYTHING has been going on here, no knitting, no stitching, no reading. I have The Yarn Harlot's book Knitting Rules and Janet Evanovich's Twelve Sharp on the nightstand, both of which havent been looked at in the past couple of days (which stinks because both are really great books). Right next to the nightstand are my ongoing projects. I look at them as I lay in bed channel surfing. I've been busy during the day going thru things that by the time dinner is over, things are put away and the house is quiet, I'm exhausted! Plus #1 Son had another bible reading which we had to prepare for, we had company yesterday, more today and some more on Monday. It's all a lot of fun, but I'm looking forward to Wednesday when I have NOTHING planned. I'll get out of bed but I dont plan on changing!!

And on a final note, it's raining again! Not much, its more of a misting which comes and goes, but I'll take whatever Barry wants to leave! And WINDY!!!!!

Well I'm hoping this posts reads clearly because I've been interupted every sentence by either a screaming child, a hungry child, fighting children or a husband who has to show me something so hysterical on TV, the world must stop NOW.


I'm not joking.

Where's my Calgone???


Jane said…
I don't know if it was because of Barry or not (the weather guy says not, but what does he know?) IT RAINED TODAY! Not a lot, but it was great to see, nonetheless. Enjoy your weekend.
Anonymous said…
That wind is something else!

The sky sure was interesting tonight and I didn't have my camera with me. Bugger!
Melissa said…
I'm glad y'all got some rain and that it wasn't too bad.
stitcherw said…
Hmmm I've getting rain here for the last two days as well, and I know that Barry is no where near me. maybe the weather is just finally making up for th elong dry spell we've had. Glad that you didn't get any damage with Barry.
Diane said…
Thanks for sending Barry up to New England. Nothing but rain, rain, rain since yesterday!

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