Boy was that quick!!

Today is the first day of hurricane season and guess what we got!

I think all the rain dances us Floridians and Georgians were doing actually worked!! But, really, that was quick! I knew there was a storm system out there and that it would bring rain, but you don't watch the news for one day and BOOM! you have a tropical storm headed your way!! WOOHOO!! And its a good soaking rain, PLUS its actually cool outside!! All in all, a great weather system desperately needed for Florida and Georgia. Texas has enough rain, it needed to be shared.

Today is also the next set of colors in Project Spectrum. We have moved on to Black, Red and Metallics. I'm not sure what I'll produce knitwise in these colors (not real sure what yarn I HAVE in these colors ), but I do know I have this......


and Princess

So I have yet ANOTHER reason to bombard you with kitty pictures. (like I've EVER needed a reason)

HEY!! I have a bit of black on my tail! Shouldn't that count for something?!?


stitcherw said…
Cute kitty pictures! I'm glad you got some rain, you really did need it. They have been saying rain here for the last couple of days, but so far none. Hopefully we get some too, although I'd prefer it wait till Monday now when I'm back at work.
Dee said…
Sure the black on his tail counts. Even if that doesn't, he (she?) is kind of silvery in color.

Lucy is adorable!

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