I Wasn't Gonna Do It.......

I wasn't going to post any more pictures from the magazines I was given. No more magazine time traveling for me!! I figured, how can I top the Latch Hook Rug jacket?!?

I can't top it, but I come close......

So I'm looking thru the Better Homes and Gardens Creative Ideas magazine for Sweaters and Afghans circa 1980. Considering its 27 years old, some of the projects are pretty decent and I could see making them.

The men's sweater is my favorite here:

The afghan is really pretty and in colors that arent harsh.

It just goes to show you that classic items in neutral colors never go out of style.

Then the magazine gets interesting. I like the sweater but what happened to the other cute model by the water?? And what's up with the hat?!?!!?

Ok so the hat is to hide the receding hair line. Again I like his sweater, but there is more distraction in this picture. Like the polyester tight pants and the semi-Dorothy Hamill hair cut.

What is with the hats?!?! I graduated in 1984 and NOBODY wore hats!!

Then there is this......

I have no words.

Don't we look jaunty?!?

Please, NO MORE! My eyes are starting to hurt from all the clashing colors!! I think I'm going to be sick.......


Anonymous said…
I think I agree with the cat!
Diane said…
I don't remember anyone wearing hats in the 80's either.
stitcherw said…
You're right, some are timeless, and some I can't picture working at any point in time. As to the hats, nope, I don't remember them being popular either.
Vivian said…
I like the first sweater too, so hard to find horizonal cable design. Then again, you wonder why it's designed that way, side to side Aran? very anti-traditional in a classic design.

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