Kitty Thursdays

I just love the great outdoors!

That bird's gotta come out sooner or later!!

Oh just a bit more behind your ear......

....and your neck........


That crazy lady with the camera will never find me under here!!!


Dee said…
Is that a case of .....I can't see you so you can't see me?
Diane said…
Baby girl looks like she's happy snuggling with her friend. And seriously those birds will never notice that black and white cat in the tree. He blends in so well.
Janet said…
Thank you for "visiting" me. I don't have Ohio, Mississippi, or Illinois. But am building a new spreadsheet w/everyone on it. So if I come across any I will let you know where to look. As for Maine there are at least 2. One is listed right up above my name.

As for getting children to sleep in the long days, we use window shades or just adapt. Right now it isn't to bad as we have a major forest fire (somewhere between 20 to 50 thousand acres burned, this am there was 5400 acres burned) so there is lots of smoke.
stitcherw said…
Cute pictures, especially in the tree and under the chest, cats do the strangest things.

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