The Passing of Time

One year ago today, I caved. I had been seriously thinking abt starting a blog for the past few months, but really wasnt sure if I could keep it up. Could I REALLY post often enough to keep it active? Would I WANT to? Well almost 160 posts later I'm still at it!

Happy Blogiversary to me!!!!

Now my biggest fear is that I'll still be blogging when it is W-A-A-A-Y out of style and an embarrassment to my kids. Actually, now that I think abt it, that shouldn't be a fear, it should be a goal!

I have to say, I really enjoy blogging. Its a great way to keep track of the projects, to talk abt my obsession with knitting and stitching, and to just go on abt nothing. I try to keep it entertaining for those that stop by, but as you all know, there are no guarantees!!

One thing that DOES entertain the *masses* are pictures of finished projects.

I started and finished it on Saturday and I used some left over Cascade Fixation. I've been wanting to make a cup holder for awhile, and when I saw the one that Chris made, I knew I had to make one too. She made it so easy to decide since she posted the pattern and everything!! All I had to do was pull out the yarn and the needles. Talk abt easy!!! Thanks Chris!!!

Hey! Don't forget that cute cat pictures ALSO entertain the masses....


Deborah said…
Oh, I'm one girl from Jersey who is glad you put your blog together! I've enjoyed reading it and looking at your sky and seeing your pics and getting to know you that I feel that we are old friends. Happy Blog Anniversary!
Anonymous said…
Oh that Lucy! Happy Blogiversary.
Stacy said…
Happy Blogiversary, Lynn. :)
Jane said…
Oh, cute! I have a Starbucks cup sitting on the table waiting to serve as model for my very own cup coozie. Chris really came to the rescue with that pattern! And HAPPY HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY! Many happy returns of the day, too.
monica said…
Happy Blogiversary!! thanks for visiting my blog.
Chris said…
You're very welcome! It turned out great. :) Happy blogiversary to you!
stitcherw said…
Happy Blogiversary, and your cup holder looks very cute.
Susie said…
Happy Blogiversary, Lynn! I *always* love reading what you have to say, at looking at the latest projects. Thanks for inspiring ME to blog more as well.

You rock - woooooo hooooo!!
Diane said…
Happy Blogiversary!

Love how cats have 2 looks when you snap pictures: sleeping and could care less or looking at the camera like they'd love to grab it out of your hands and hide it under the couch.

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