Project Update

It's been abt a week since I've shown any knitting. There has been some, just not alot of it. And what's been done hasnt been all that exciting. However this is partially a knitting blog so I will show you where I stand on each one.

Project #1

Another kitty blanket. I really want to use up this acrylic yarn and this really is the best way I can think of right now. Hopefully the cheery bright yarn will make some kitty (or small doggy) that much more adoptable.

Project #2

Dress for Baby Girl. I LOVE this yarn! And apparently so do the cats!! You can see Tiger's paws in this picture. She (yes, Tiger is a *she*) started going after it the minute I pulled it out. This is also the project I found on the floor with the ball a bit mushed apart. Thankfully no damage was done, but it scares me when they get near it. I'm not so sure what's so special abt this yarn, it's Berocco Pronto, a 50/50 cotton/acrylic blend.

I was hoping that Baby Girl might wear the dress during the summer, but its just way too bulky and heavy. I'm glad that I'm making it a bit longer so that she'll be able to wear it in the fall/winter.

Project #3

My wool worsted weight sock. Not much going on here. I'm half way thru June and I'm not sure I'll have the pair done in time for my KALs.

Project #4

My shawl. I havent been keeping up with a pattern a day, but at least I do have *some* repeats done, 9 or 10 I think. Only 70 to go!!!! ~sigh~

So that's it. I havent pulled out any stitching so no pics to post there. My sisters are out and J bought the rugrats Night At The Museum. We were going to go today for the free showing at the library, but now we can watch it over and over again in the comfort of our own home. I may pull out something to stitch on while watching it.

J & G both got Baby Girl some clothes. She really doesnt need much, esp since its summer, but they had fun doing it and I tried to get them to buy a bit loose so that maybe she can wear it at the beginning of Kindergarten. Saturday we see Nancy Drew and we will continue our search for a GameBoy for #1 Son. He came SO close to getting one last night, but they only had the one in metallic pink. He said he didn't mind, in fact he didnt care if it said Girls Rule on it (can't you just FEEL the desperation?!!?) Poor kid, he's been wanting this for SO long, but money's been tight so we've had to forego it. We were planning on getting him one this summer, but this works better. Let my sisters pay out the money for the unit and I can fork over the extra dough for the games. Those babies aren't cheap either!! BUT I guess I shouldnt complain too much since I made my mom buy me Atari games and those pushed $50 back in the day!! (I ROCKED at Missle Command!)


stitcherw said…
Lots of lovely knitting projects. With so many different colors and styles/projects you really have a wonderful choice to pick from when you want to knit.

We saw Night at the Muesum a bit ago and loved it, very funny. Hope you can find a gameboy for him soon, being ready to settle for the pink one really is a sign of desperation.

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