Saturday Friends

Back when I was a teenager, we had a group of friends that used to hang out together. Time marches on, people move away, things change. But then one day you will be with these same people again, except YOU are now the PARENTS and your KIDS are the teenagers hanging out. And there was a small taste of puppy love in the air.

It's great to revisit old friends and amazing what a small world we live in. It's also amazing how much of our lives have changed (children aged 17 thru 2.5 years) and yet how much is the same. We were all married around the same time, we are STILL married to these same men, and yet we can still get together and talk abt old boyfriends w/o skipping a beat!

That was the best part of the day. The worst? Not getting a picture of the 3 of us together. Feh.

I forgot to take that picture, but I didn't forget the sky.

Blue, hot and humid. A typical summer day in Florida.

I don't normally post pictures of food because I can never make it look pretty, but here is one that came out pretty decent.

I've been going thru my recipe books, trying to thin out the stack, and one of them had a recipe for an Egg & Bacon Potato. I had some bacon in the fridge so fried some up for this recipe. As I was looking at it, though, I realized that the directions were SO involved. Bake the potato for an hour, separate the yolk from the whites, carefully fold into batter, bake for another 20 min. Well I wanted food NOW so I improvised. I nuked the potato for 8 min, scrambled up some eggs with some leftover onions and mushrooms and melted cheese over the top of it. Once the potato was cooked, I began to layer; scooped out fleshy parts of the potato, butter and cheese, crumbled up bacon, scrambled eggs with the mushrooms and onions, and more cheese sprinkled on top. I was going to either put it under the broiler or nuke it to melt the cheese but by the time I got a drink, the cheese had melted. OMG it was SO good!! Same basic ingredients as the original recipe, but no where near the work! There is only one more recipe in that book to try and then its off to a better home. The recipes are either not appealing or take forever to make!

Last, but not least, we are off to Naples tomorrow. The IO has business to tend to on Monday, but we are going along for the ride, the free hotel and the pool. There is also a LYS in the area abt 9 min away that I want to check out. I wont be able to post until Tuesday because even though there will be high speed internet access in our room, I have no computer to use. One day I will have my own laptop.......


Sus said…
Isn't it great reconnect with friends? Glad you had a good time. Your sky is lovely and the clouds are fluffy and yummy-looking. And, speaking of yummy, the potato looks delicious! Figures that you would post that a week after I started my new eating plan and I'm particularly prone to temptations! Good thing Florida is so far away or I'd be over with a fork! ;)
Anonymous said…
Have a good mini-vacation!

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