Saturday Socks

Back in Nov 2006, I dyed some yarn for the first time with Kool Aid. You can read abt that HERE.

I finally started a pair of socks with this yarn on June 2nd. And I finally finished them in the nick of time to post for my June socks.

The fact that it took me almost a month to knit a pair of socks on size 5 needles in worsted weight yarn is just sad. But they are done and that's all that matters. The good thing abt being a part of SOM3 is that it helps me focus on getting my socks done. Here are a couple more shots of the socks.

You can notice that the socks are variegated. When I dyed the wool, I left it in the skein it came in and just figured I'd wing it. Well the first sock is a bit lighter due to the fact it was the innerds of the skein, but I dont think its that bad of a difference and I'm quite happy with the turnout.

So was Baby Girl and she wanted me to make a scarf for her Barbie. Thankfully it didnt take me as long to make the scarf as it did the socks!!

This is what I have left

Enough to maybe make a Barbie poncho. Or add some stripes to a sock for CIC.

Now that Barbie has a poncho, Baby Girl decided that she and her friends needed to have some hand knits added to their wardrobe (even though as you can plainly see, they prefer to be naked). She pulled out 4 different skeins and delegated what would be a tank, a pair of pants, a head band and some shoes.....I'm glad I've been saving some Barbie links for clothes because I knew she's be interested in it sooner or later.

On another note, Saturday wouldn't be complete w/o a look at my sky.

The temps were only 89 but the heat index was 95. Just another reason to stay inside.

KVVS UPDATE: We have been given our secret pals and I've been reading up on mine. I don't want to say too much because I dont know if she reads this blog or not. All I can say is that I am going to have fun with this swap!!

We've already had one Vacation Bingo game and we are starting another one on Monday.

And to answer my secret pal's question: Yes, I really dont like ANYTHING from the sea, including salmon. You mentioned it was Alaska's protein this a clue for me or are you just trying to throw me off????? Hmmmmmm.......


Sus said…
Love the socks! I'm just starting my first pair ever, so I'm even more interested to see everyone's socks!

Looks like Barbie could use a little more than just a scarf... ;)

Your sky today is gorgeous! I love big fluffy clouds like those!
stitcherw said…
The socks look great, the color really turned out perfect, nice varigation.

Have fun knitting the Barbie outfits, we'll expect a fashion show as you get them done. :)
Diane said…
The socks look great. I'd have never noticed the difference in the colors if you didn't mention it.

Happy Barbie knitting. I remember a house full of naked Barbies. Now with grandsons around it's Thomas the Tank Engine.
Anonymous said…
Your socks turned out very nice.
Deborah said…
I truly think that blog entry deserves an 'X' rating with Barbie bearing all!

Those socks girlfriend are great!
Anonymous said…
I think you did a fine job dying that yarn. Far better than I've ever managed. I've been afraid to even try.

So it's near 90's there with lots of humidity, eh? Today here it's barely 70Âș, no humidity, and just plain gorgeous! Have a great day!
Anonymous said…
Hmmmm.... perhaps Barbie could use a latchhook coat? And macramé hammock or even an argyle dress.
kasiaiscarly said…
I just saw your 'sock cuff' cozy on the Cascade Fixation KAL. I have been searching for a pattern to make a felted cozy with some leftover Lopi I have. Wondering if you made the bottom solid? And if so, how?

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