A Shout Out to Ben Franklin

That man was a genius. He did a lot of good for humanity back in the 1700s. My favorite one today? The public library. Where else can you go and get this many books?? FOR FREE??????

A little for the kids.....

A LOT for me!!!

Usually I'm not impressed with my little library. I used to work near the Broward County Main Library (which won Libary of the Year in 1996) so all other libraries pale in comparison. However my little library is connected with the other little libraries in the area and I can go on line and pick whatever book I want and have it mailed to me. Once I'm done, I mail it back. LOVE THIS!!! Today I took the rugrats to renew their library cards and for them to pick out some books that they would like. While there I hit pay dirt!! There were quite a few new books that I wanted to get. AND just look at their knitting selection!!

Usually the craft books they have to offer are from the 1980s so its nice to see some new stuff coming in!! AND they also had some better Books on CD to offer.

They usually only have the classics. Now I can listen to them while I knit.

So you all know what I'll be doing this wknd.


Dee said…
Have a good weekend. Oh boy -- a cup of tea and a table full of knitting books. What could be better?
Anonymous said…
gotta tell you -- i've worked at a large public library for nearly 33 years (i'm 49) and buy more books than i ever borrow. i need to be able to get at my books -- well, i need to know should i want a certain one at 4:32 am, i can dig it out from the garage or basement. now, that has NEVER happened, but should i want, i can... that said, i knit socks, too. am using the new yarn called tofutsies. it is soy and wool and cotton -- and some crushed crab shells for antibacterial purposes. fingering weight. it is sooooo awesome. check it out on webs.com.

Jane said…
Nice score! Have a wonderful weekend.
stitcherw said…
I love our library too. We also have the on line catalog option where I can order a book and just pick it up when they call that it has come in. The smaller branch library close to me has a good selection, but being able to order a book makes it wonderful. I've gotten a couple of crossstitch books out from them as well, in addition to regular books and lots of books on tape/CD to listen to for back and forth to work. It really is a wonderful option to have.

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