Sunday Morning Sky

I didn't forget to take a picture of the sky yesterday, but the batteries died in my camera! I just put in new ones too, but I guess that explains why buying 4 AA batteries for only a $1 is NOT a good idea!!. So w/o further ado.....

Yesterday was a busy day with my sisters out. Baby Girl got even MORE clothing! And #1 Son got his GameBoy. Well the Nintendo DS version of a hand held game. Apparently they are no longer making new games for the GameBoy and the latest and greatest is the Nintendo DS. Since it was more money than the GB, I told my sister that I would pay the difference. Well between the game system, a game (because apparently it doesnt come with one) and a cool container to carry it all in (I swear this container looks like something a spy would carry!) *I* ended up spending more than her!!! But #1 Son is VERY happy and everything is right in his world.

Side story: When I told the guy that I wanted a GameBoy for my son, he asked me which version I wanted. I looked at him and said, "I'm from the Atari generation, I have NO idea which version I want!" Thankfully the guy was nice and didn't (completely) take advantage of me! He did offer me used systems and games before I settled on the new. We'll eventually get used games, but I wanted to start out fresh.

And speaking of older generations, for those of you who used to read Nancy Drew, check out the movie. I have to say I really enjoyed it. She was *old fashioned* enough to be true to her book counterpart, but updated enough to be enjoyed today. The rugrats enjoyed it as well.

Since the rugrats and the Insane One aren't home, I think I'm going to take advantage of the quiet time and pull out some stitching. I don't get moments like this very often and I want to savor it. Everybody have a pleasant day!!


stitcherw said…
For a change, my sky looks like yours, lovely and blue. In addition, at almost 90 my temp is close too. :)

Glad both kids had fun shopping and getting fun stuff. I'll bet your son is thrilled with all his goodies. I'm from the original nintendo generation too (the only game system I've played) so would be at as much a loss as you if went to get something newer.

Enjoy your stitching/quiet time, and post a picture of what you decide to work on.
Anonymous said…
Enjoy your "alone" day. Can't wait to see what you get stitched.

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