We're Back!

And had a nice little break from the house. The hotel we stayed at was the Best Western of Naples. It was a nice room with a fridge, a microwave and a view.

This is what we saw outside our sliding glass door.

The weird part abt this place??? If it's Sunday afternoon around 4:30 and you want extra towels, you're out of luck. Housekeeping is gone and if I needed more towels I had to wait until Monday morning. Not the thing you want to hear when the kids are in the pool and you need something to dry off with. But the hotel was paid for by the company so I worked with it.

While the IO worked on Monday, I took the rugrats to the zoo. I have to say, it was a pretty decent zoo. The enclosures for the animals were a good size and they were on land, not on a concrete slab that could be hosed down behind some bars. I didnt have my camera so of course the animals all posed for us! There was a kangaroo that looked like Burt Reynolds w/o the bear skin rug!! I'd go back again, but not until it was cooler. It was the hottest day in almost 10 years. If I was thinking clearer, I'd have hit the water park.

I had more fun Tuesday since I hit a yarn shop AND a book store!! Knitting by Nancy was a great yarn shop. Very friendly and helpful. No web site to post but plenty of goodies to show instead.

Here are some goodies from the clearance bin. Another novelty skein for Baby Girl, some alpaca yarn (which I've been wanting to try out), a skein of Regia Bamboo for one of the kids (most likely Baby Girl) and a chunky skein of Encore.

Then I started looking thru the shop and came up with some CashSoft (OMG this stuff is NICE!) that I plan on making a scarf for me, some baby alpaca also for me, some Sockotta for the IO (along with some red yarn for the toes and heels), some more sock yarn (for me), some buttons for Baby Girl's dress and #1Son's quilt, and some more needles and another row counter.

And it's official, after that shopping spree, I need to go on a yarn diet. I need to start using up some of the stash I have before I get anymore.

I did get some progress done on my knitting projects, but it's just an extension of what was there before, a little more done on the cat blanket, a little more done on the pink dress, a couple of more rows done on the shawl (11 repeats down, 70 more to go......oy) so no pictures of them. Once I get something new to look at, I'll post.

Meanwhile, I'll end with a cute cat picture.....

You were gone? I had food so I didn't notice......


Anonymous said…
The hotel courtyard is beautiful!
It looks very "Florida".

Is IO doing something new or is he still doing what he was when we last got together? Gee, was that confusing? I don't want to post too detailed of information where it is open to public view.
Jane said…
Nice haul! It looks like you had a fun trip.
Diane said…
That would be my cats.
Anonymous said…
Very pretty "backyard". A water park sounds like so much fun as does a zoo.
In your KVVS questionnaire you mention nothing from the sea, does this include salmon (Alaska's protein staple)?
stitcherw said…
What a beautiful view outside your hotel window, although no more towels till the next day would have been a big irritation with two little ones who would want to keep going in the water. Glad you had a fun time, and you got some wonderful new stash.

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