What is Old is (Not Always) New Again!

And thank God for that!!! Some things need to remain in the past....

I am a part of the local Freecycle group and one of the things posted was a big bag of craft items, perfect for kids!! I requested it and went to pick it up at the local neighbor's house. Well lets just say it was a bag of craft items, but not necessarily for kids. There were some old plastic flowers and some old craft magazines, a box of rusty old knitting needles and LOTS of plastic canvas. Well the plastic canvas was good for the rugrats so I gave them some acrylic yarn and let them play.

Meanwhile I've been organizing what was left in the bag. It seems to be a bag of magazines and books that were stuck in a garage, moved to another garage after the original owners had to be put in a home or died, and then offered in Freecycle to get rid of (ok I'm painting a bad picture of Freecycle, but you can get some cool stuff thru it. I've gotten a LOT of clothes for Baby Girl thru it, some of it still with tags on. I've also gotten clothes that I just ended up tossing. It's kind of a hit or miss thing).

As I'm going thru the books and magazines, I have a trash bag nearby since 1/2 of the stuff needed to be thrown out. They were ripped or stained or eaten away at by hungry creatures (which, thankfully, were NOT in the bag). I separated the magazines by group and by date. The newest? 1982. The oldest? 1966.

I kid you not.

Today I'm going thru the first set of magazines, Decorating & Craft Ideas.

There were mags from 1975-1980. OMG was this entertaining!!! First thing I notice, cigarette ads. Remember when they used to advertise in the magazines?? And the latest album from Lawrence Welk (Bobby and Sissy, Ladies and Gentlemen. Vunderful, vunderful). Also in the older magazines, the majority of the ads were in front, including the want ads of things offered and things looked for. And these.

This was on page 5. I have no idea what happened to this "wonder pill", but I'm sure it's been replaced many times over.

Love the *high tech* ads of the mid 70s.
The latest in top notch security.

And for those all important calls from Charlie

By 1978, the ads got a bit more risque

I remember this ad quite well. When my grandmother saw this ad, she just KNEW that the world was going to the dogs. Why did they need to show a naked woman in stockings and heels next to her being dressed for work? What kind of work would she be doing in nothing but stockings and heels?? LOL I never thought anything of it then, but now I can see her point! How sad is that?!?

The ad that bothered me the most??

I just got something in the mail a few months ago using this EXACT picture!!! Seriously, this child has to be my age by now!!! Makes you wonder abt the legitimacy of some "charities".

So why am I showing so many pictures of the ads? Because not only were a lot of the ads in the beginning of the magazine, it was the MAJORITY of the magazine!!! Guess that's why the magazine was only being sold for $1. If you wanted a better deal, subscribe for one year (10 issues) and only pay $4.00. FOUR DOLLARS!!! That's less than $.50/issue. And it was worth it too since by the table of contents, there wasn't much content.

Yep, only 6 projects.

Things got better in 1978. They raised their rates to $1.25/issue. Not much, but their subscription price jumped to one year now being $12! That's a big jump in price!! But the magazine *did* get better. Not as many ads, and more projects.

Tune in tomorrow to see the latest in fashion and design!!! (and wear some shades, someof them are LOUD)

And just in case you think I forgot


Diane said…
I love freecycle. I've gotten rid of a lot of stuff that was perfectly fine but taking up room here. It's nice to be able to find a new home for an item you don't want.
stitcherw said…
Glad you found some usable stuff in there as well, sounds like the kids might be busy for a bit. All those ads in the magazine would drive me nuts, but then it was a lot cheaper, guess you get what you pay for.

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