What's Yellow and Orange and Green All Over?

Why, the 70's of course!! Welcome to part 2 of our 70's flashback thru magazine literature. Today's installment includes decorating. Feel free to click on each picture to make it bigger, but please put on protective eyewear, some of this stuff can hurt your eyes.......

First up.

And then there's

All I can say is WHY?? There is SO much to look at because there is SO much going on in a variety of colors that dont want to match. Where does my eye rest? And where does my stomach empty?? Maybe on the couch.

If you don't like yellow and orange and green and brown, you can always decorate for the bicentennial.

My sister had this exact wallpaper!

And we had this rug!

and this purse

I like this stash

but I like this one better

Ok then there's this picture.

At first it was a bit jarring but then I started to really look at it. I like the quilts alot. Softer tones than some of the other stuff they had shown (we are also progressing into the later part of the 70's). The more I looked, the more I liked the different quilts. What makes it so jarring for me is the wallpaper. Too busy for the room of nice quilts. I don't think I'd drape the quilts over the side tables, I'd fold them up and stick them in the bookshelf. And maybe stack some books on the table instead. Oh and rip out the wallpaper.

Now remember, this is a decorating AND crafting magazine. As the years rolled on, there was less decorating and more crafting. What I loved abt these magazines was how you could see what the popular crafts were of that time. There was crochet (but no knitting), latch hook rugs, a TON of miniatures, and of course, Macrame.

Here is your house with macrame

Here is your house with you on macrame crack!

It just goes to show you that a little macrame can go a long way!!

Are you still with me?? If you are, I've saved the best for last.

My all time favorite decorating picture is this one

Remove the yarn from the area and this place just SCREAMS bachelor pad!!

For those that want to wear the latest in Carol Brady fashion.

Ok this puts Martha Stewart to shame!! I LOVE this!! LOL

Now this one is just plain scary. And something I've never seen before.

This child is wearing a rug. I looked at the directions on how to make this and it was a rectangle piece of canvas, you hook the pieces of yarn into the holes, sew it together to form a jacket and voila!! Instant way to get your kid beat up.

Thank you for joining me today in our journey to the 70s. Please return your tray tables and your seats to their upright positions. And always remember to Keep On Truckin'.


Deborah said…
Definitely the ulgliest time in history!
stitcherw said…
I really enjoyed the look back, and am very glad that we are not still in that time period, LOL. However, while we were there it was fun, and decorating was easier, as most things clashed so if you didn't have any color sense it didn't seem to matter. :)

The stash room was wonderful, loved all the yarn and such, I do wish I had one of those. Also, the turkey was too cute, that would be fun to do even today. Can you imagine everyone's faces when you brought it out to be served, LOL.
Anonymous said…
What fun, exploring the past while in the comfort of your own home. LOL Thank goodness that "style(?)" has come and GONE!! LOL
Anonymous said…
The decorated turkey beats all. The day I have time to make a pastry tuxedo is the day I cash in my chips.
Jane said…
That last jacket really makes my day! My dad used to do latch hook rugs (beautiful) and I cannot imagine slinging one of those things around my own shoulders, much less and child's! Yikes.
Stacy said…
Oh, my. I was doing pretty well until we hit the latch hook jacket. I had to cover my eyes and hope it was a hallucination. Hey, I lived through the 70's - my mom probably read that magazine - thank goodness I was never placed in latch-hooked outerwear. Whew!

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