Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Month End Wrap up

Today I think I'll start out with something you don't normally see in this blog.

About a month ago I was in Target and they were having a sale in their $1 bins (I LOVE this section!). They had these little mini kits complete with a pot, dirt and seeds to grow your own veggies, flowers or herbs. I saw them before, but today they were only $.50 each. Well you know me and a bargain so I started going thru it. They had basil (which we have TONS of), radishes (which nobody likes) and they had a couple of tomatoes left. I decided to get the tomato one. Now just to let you all know, I dont have much of a green thumb. I need things that dont require alot of work. Anything that has to be babied along is just NOT for me. Plus if I plant something outside, the IO decides to *help* me so between the two of us, the plant ends up dead. So I decided that this will be my quiet little project. I brought it home and ended up putting it in my closet to work on that wknd.

One month later as I'm going thru my yarn stash, I find a bag of stuff from Target. Its some $1 toys I had bought the rugrats and at the bottom of the bag was my little tomato kit! So I pulled it out and planted the seeds. Yesterday I saw something poking thru and today I had this!!

I hear some of you laughing at such a pathetic little seedling, but I'm so excited!! Normally I kill things at this stage, I either drown the poor seeds or I dry them out so much that they turn to dust and blow away so the fact that I have something green poking thru the dirt is very exciting for me! According to my directions I need to wait until they are 3 inches tall before I transplant them. Then I plan on putting them in a big pot and growing them in that. I know I will eventually need some sort of stake in the back to help give the plant support. I also know there are a few of you that read this blog that have mighty green thumbs (all you have to do is LOOK at a plant and it grows, you know who you are!) so if you have any advice on how to get my tomatoes to grow into something that I can eat in a salad, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Ok lets move on to knitting.

First up is my shawl.

I've done 20 repeats which means I'm now 1/4 done. I'm still trying to do one repeat a day, and the past couple days I've done 2. I'm still on the first skein so it looks as if I will have more than enough yarn to complete this project. I bought this as a kit from my LYS, but since I'm making the smaller size, I'm not going to need all 4 skeins that was in the bag. Once it is complete I may have some kind of contest with the Euroflax as the giveaway.

Second item up for discussion are my baby socks.

OMG aren't these the cutest?!?!? I'm making these for Afghans for Afghans, their new hospital is looking for all things baby. I usually use worsted weight for charity socks, but with such small baby feet, I decided to use some thicker sock yarn instead. I can't imagine trying to get really thick socks on an infants foot, so I think these will be ok. They are 100% wool which is what they always request. Meanwhile I am DEFINITELY going to make some washable wool socks for my SIL with this same pattern.

Another project going is my scarf for the Red Scarf Project.

I work on this scarf late at night since it's pretty mindless. So far its 21" long which means I'm abt 1/3 way complete.

This red scarf also qualifies for Project Spectrum. Today is the last day for the colors Red, Black and Metallics. Another qualifier is the fabric I plan on using for Baby Girl's new outfit.

It's some seersucker I found in the remnant bin at JoAnn's. Its enough fabric to make her some shorts and a cute top. I ran it by her first to make sure she likes it and she does.

However by far my favorite picture that completely qualifies for red, black and metallics is this one.

She can't wait for ballet to start up again.

Overall I have completed a dress, a cat blanket, a pair of charity socks, two dishcloths and two Warm Up America squares during the month of July. Pretty productive month. I expect to get alot done in Aug with the rugrats back in school and me still home. Once Sept starts, so does work and ballet so productivity will most likely slow down. Until then I plan on getting as much done as possible.

Monday, July 30, 2007

A different kind of creativity

I was reading Susie's blog and she had this painting posted of her current mood. I loved the painting so I decided to make one of my own.

Click here to create your own painting.

I think if I took it earlier it would be different. Right now I got the house cleaned up a bit and most of the laundry done, the IO is bringing home dinner (KFC anyone?) and once done, I will knit. Earlier today I was a bit frazzled because we have new neighbors with a kid a year younger than #1 Son, but a half a head taller than him. He's a nice kid, but a bit hyper and will climb the fence whenever he wants to come over. I'm trying to set some ground rules of when he can come over, so we had something set for 3pm today. I made the kids clean up around 2 and when #1 Son went to get him, he had another friend over and #1 Son was told that it would have to be another day. GRRRRR. The mom is also very sweet (turns out we have mutual friends) but its apparent who runs who there. Another reason I'm glad school is starting in less than 3 weeks.......

I have some things finished and progressing knitwise, but since I will be doing more knitting tonight, I will update with pictures tomorrow.

No longer refer to me as "Princess". I am now Queen of the Universe!!**

** this cat is SO far from the image I portray. She is the SWEETEST cat and tolerates a LOT from the Rugrats.....but when she sits in a diarama of space and gives me that look, I just cant help myself!!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Saturday Sky

Today's sky is brought to you by #1 Son.

He did a pretty good job too!!

Last Wednesday I took a trip to JoAnn's. I needed to pick up a few things and needed a break from all things Mommy so as soon as the IO got home, off I went!! They are having a coupon sale right now plus lots of 50-75% off their summer stuff. I saved abt $30 with their coupons and I ended up walking out with a BIG bag of stuff for under $50!! WOOHOO!! (ANY time I walk out of that store under $50 is reason to celebrate!) And the most surprising part is that I didnt buy any fabric OR yarn!! I forgot to take pics of the stuff before I dispersed it thru out the house, but I *did* take a picture of my favorite find. A needle case.

Nice huh? I love the fabric and its nice and roomy inside. It was priced at $14.99, but with my 50% off coupon I could get it for only $7.50. I've been wanting a needle case for quite some time and have thought abt making my own. This saves me all the work. When I get to the register it was on clearance. I got it for $4.97. WOOHOO!!! I'll take it!

And it's perfect!!

It holds all my single pointed needles in an orderly fashion. Best five bucks I've spent in a long time!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Another Finish

It's not much, but I finished another square for WUA yesterday.

After I finished the square I had this deflated skein left (who knew Sears used to make yarn??).

So I pulled out my handy dandy ball winder and made this!

Can you tell I love this thing? I put it next to the bigger cake I made earlier to compare sizes.

I also started the scarf for RSP. I'm only 3 inches into a Mistake Rib scarf so I'll show more when there is more to show.

THEN I pulled out #1 Son's vest to work on. I havent touched it in a while so I had to figure out what I had done. I knew I made a mistake on the finished front left panel and it would need to be ripped out to the armhole, so I put that part back in the bag and pulled out the right front panel. I made sure that I had all the decreases correct (I have to decrease for both the armhole AND the v-neck) all the while keeping in pattern. After 10 rows I double checked my work. Apparently I was doing the armhole decreases on the v-neck side and the v-neck decreases on the armhole. Ugh. I shoved everything back into the bag for next Saturday when the IO is home and I can lock myself in the bedroom and not be interupted until I get this fixed. I LOVE the feel of the yarn, but this vest is kicking me in the butt. The killer is that I've made this vest BEFORE, but I was younger and only had one child to keep me occupied. Apparently two children kill off brain cells a lot faster than one.

Meanwhile, as I was working in the office, this is what the kids were working on.

At first all I saw was a mess, but then I realized that I used to make forts out of blankets and furniture, too, so what's a mom to do? I crawled in there with them!! And crawled right back out because I no longer fit in forts made of blankets and furniture. That's ok, I prefer recliners anyway.

I gotta have my space to stretch out too!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tuesday Ramblings

Part 1: I Just Dont Get It

As I move along the Information Highway cruising from one blog to another, there has been a flurry of activity at the majority of stops. Harry Potter. OMG I never realized how many knitters are also Harry Potter fans!! Me, not so much. I never got into him. And the fact that its the last book has made Harry Potter Mania that much more manic.

And if its not Harry Potter, it's Ravelry. Again I just dont get it. I can see how it might be kind of cool, but from what I can tell, there's nothing there that I can't find on line or post to my own blog. I'm not even on the list to sign up. When I checked to see where on the list a friend of mine was, she had over a thousand people ahead of her!! Again, another craze I just dont get. Maybe once its up and running I can get on to see what all the hub is abt.

Part 2: How to become the "Bestest Mommy in the Whole Wide World"

I just got this on clearance for $15. It normally retails for $50. Not back huh??

It arrived yesterday and today we had these.

Yes I could have put it on a pretty plate with some garnish, but when its abt to be devoured by a child in two seconds, who cares???

Monday, July 23, 2007

What did I start??

Ok I went thru all the yarn in my closet and pulled out what I want to work on. Apparently I'm an all or nothing gal because here is my want-to-work-on-now pile...

No surprise that half of that are sock projects. First ones I'll cast on for are some socks for the Football KAL. I've been looking for a coral/orange and an aqua blue for Miami Dolphin colors for awhile now. I could find things close, but nothing that screamed out BUY ME! so I kept looking. I was debating on having some dyed for me, but I KNEW I had to have something close in my stash. AND I DID!!

Each ball is a lone skein that I found in clearance bins at different times in different locations. What makes them perfect is that they are both dk weight and are made from the same materials. And knitted up on size 3 dpns should make them move along quite nicely. I think I will use the blue for the main sock and the orange for the stripes, heel and toe.

The other set of socks I want to make for me are these.

Isnt this a great colorway?? I LOVE it!!!

I also pulled out a couple of sweaters that have been languishing in the back of the closet along with #1 Son's vest. Plus some yarn for charities like Warm Up America, Children In Common, Afghans for Afghans and the Red Scarf Project. I've already made up one block for Warm Up America

and started another one all in navy blue. These go FAST!!

And look what I did last night!!!

I pulled out my yarn winder and wound me some cake!! WOW was that fun!!! If I wasnt surrounded by cats I would have done a few more. This yarn will be for the RSP. Already cast on for that one as well.

As if the above weren't enough, I also have 3 cross stitch projects that I want to work on. No pictures of those yet, I need to pull out the fabric for them and its in a different closet that's not as easily accessible......

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Saturday Sigh.....

Who knew such a small closet could hold so much stuff???

Apparently part of my hobby addiction is collecting as much floss or fabric or in this case yarn that I possibly can. And I'm a sucker for a sale. I'll drop $25 on a bunch of yarns that I have no idea what I'll do with (but were on sale), and yet pass up some great yarn because its NOT on sale and VERY expensive, but would cost me no more than the yarn I just purchased. I'm sure a therapist would have fun with that one. Regardless, I'm now overflowing with more than enough yarn to make socks for my family, scarves for the extended family, some baby and toddler stuff for the newer cousins and a bunch of wool extras for the charity knitting that I do. And we wont even discuss the acrylic that keeps multiplying......

Shopping in your own stash though DOES curb any buying desires (except for my KVVS swap, still need to get something for her) and I pulled out all the projects that I have sitting in the back of that closet. I found #1 Son's vest that needs to be fixed and then finished off, I have a sweater I started for myself a couple of years ago that I would like to work on, that shawl (which I did a repeat last night on) and a sweater in novelty yarn for Baby Girl. I'll run it past her to make sure she still likes it and then I'll cast on. And I found some sock yarn that I remembered I had but forgot how luscious it was (some Koigu I bought from my LYS last summer).

So while at first I was overwhelmed by what I had, I think I'm going to start just chipping away at the pile by making some scarves for the family in NY, and some toddler sweaters for the soon to be 3 y/o.

I feel a fire burning for the knitting, which means the Bag Ladies will probably be put away. I worked on her a bit more yesterday, but only one long strand. I knew once I took that picture it would make me want to move along. That's ok, this one has been rotated around a bit so I know that it will be back out in a couple of months.

As far as my sky

the entire central Florida area is under a thunderstorm watch until 9pm tonight. We've been having some nasty storms the past few days. Rain is good. Lightning is bad.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some yarn to shove back into the closet......

Friday, July 20, 2007

All Aboard!!

When the rugrats are home for 8 weeks, the things that are accessible get old.


Mundane. That's when you dig into the back of the closet and into the garage to pull out some stuff you haven't seen in awhile and wa-la! what is old is new again!!

These trains haven't been played with in a LONG time!! They've been sitting in the garage for quite some time. I'm just glad they work!! One makes train noises and the other one used to make smoke. We've had these for a long time too. Here is a shot of when we first got one of them.....

When #1 Son was born, the IO went a bit nuts with trains. He always loved trains and whenever we bought #1 Son toys, it always included a train related item. I'm just happy they are doing something that doesn't require a monitor!

Updates on my goals:

Scrapbooking: I finished #1 Son's Kindergarten scrapbook yesterday. That was the one that just needed to be fixed a bit and transferred into a different book. He loves to look thru his old stuff (to remember when he was "young"!) and I'm hoping this book will last a bit longer than the other one. I also have a bag filled with his 1st grade and 2nd grade stuff. And Baby Girl has her bag of Pre-K stuff. I went thru the computer and copied over all the pictures I need to print out and put them in one file. Once I have a little extra money, I will download them to a disk or to a website to have them printed out, hit JoAnn's for some coordinating paper and then I can start to put them all together. Once I have all the materials, it should only take me a wknd to do each one.

Quilting: I looked at two of the quilts I was planning on doing and I realize that due to various reasons, they just aren't going to happen. I still want to work on #1 Son's quilt, so I plan on putting all my quilt energies into that one.

Cross Stitching: I've been working on Bag Ladies and it's moving along nicely. Here is a before and after shot.

I finished up the front cat and want to finish the two bags before I rotate it out. It's getting a lot of air time since I dont have anything on the needles that I want to work on. Which leads me to.....

Knitting: Nothing to report. I still haven't pulled out all my yarn. That's going to be a big job and I've been putting it off. Now that a big part of my pile is put away, it may happen later today. When that happens I'll be able to pick out my next knitting project. Until then, only the shawl will be on the needles and we all know how much THAT moves me....

So I'm moving right along with what I want to do. However the house is starting to show the effects of my priorities. Oh well, the projects have been wallowing longer than the house so for now, the projects win!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Perpetual Organization

Ever since I realized there were only 5 weeks left until school/work starts up again, I've been thinking what we've done so far this summer. We've done quite a bit, but the projects I wanted to do haven't been touched.

Until yesterday.

Yesterday I tackled my bedroom dresser. The top is a place where I pile things to deal with later. W/O going into detail, its been awhile since I've been thru the whole thing. So now I have piles of projects waiting to be finished. Some things are just clothes that need to be fixed, or some paperwork that needs to be shredded. But then there is the pile of school stuff that I saved to put in a scrapbook for the rugrats. And the yarn that Baby Girl picked out for Barbie clothes. And the cross stitch projects that I need to finish.

My dresser is now free from paperwork, but my floor is filled with piles of different things to tackle. I figure if I'm going to put together a scrapbook for this past school year, I should also put together the scrapbook for #1 Son from the year before that. That entailed pulling out the drawer that held all his 1st grade stuff. If they are starting school in 5 weeks, I'd like to have all this stuff done so I can start fresh.

Now before you all think I've lost it and am diluted into thinking I can put together THREE scrapbooks in five weeks, I don't go all out with scrapbooking. I may use some pretty paper to put pictures on, but for the most part, I just put the year together in order. Nothing fancy with framing each picture or adding charms, stickers and other accessories. I'm a simplistic scrapbooker. #1 Son LOVED his scrapbook from Kindergarten and went thru it so much that the book got destroyed. That's in another pile to move into a new book.

That is Project #1. Project #2 is to pull all the yarn out of my closet and to reorganize it. With all the finished projects and all the new additions and all the new projects I want to start, I need to put this together a bit better. I can still find things, but I really would like to get it better organized just so I dont have to climb over bags to get to what I want.

Project #3 is to work on the quilts I have started. Two are for friends who have had some tragedy in their lives recently and I'd like to get the quilts to them before much longer.

Project #4 is to use some of my denim fabric to make Baby Girl some shorts. Its really hard to find decent shorts for her. It kills me that even for little girls they make the pants to ride on their hips. Well Baby Girl has hips and a butt so these things make her look like a plumber's helper. I want to make her some jean shorts that she can wear to school and sit on the floor and play on the slide and have them stay on.

This is my goal. Even I know that this is reaching, but I'm hoping to accomplish at least half of them. And I've already started on the piles.

Tomorrow I will post some updates of Bag Ladies. And all of the above is bound to change order, esp when I'm itching to knit and I only have the shawl on the needles.

Lucy's thought: As long as she leaves me a spot on the bed to sleep, I dont care WHAT she does (or doesn't) do!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Saturday Social

This was almost entitled Saturday Shopping because one of my LYS's is moving to Tampa and they were having some good sales on yarn. I have yet to go to this LYS so I figured it would be a good idea to do so before they moved. And the Rag Shop in Ocala is going out of business, everything is 30-80% off. PLUS I found some extra money that I could use for this shopping spree (dh is SUCH an enabler. HE was the one who suggested taking the day for myself and have some fun). How could I resist? Well somehow I did. I really dont need any more cross stitch, I DEFINITELY don't need any more fabric and the yarn at Rag Shop isn't what I'm looking for. The LYS specializes in sock yarn, but I have a LOT of sock yarn that I want to use in my stash already. So I decided I was going to *shop* my stash instead.

But I never got the chance.

A friend called up and needed to run some errands and wanted to know if I wanted to come along. A trip to Dunkin Donuts and Target??? Oh yeah!! She couldnt be out long so I was home in a couple of hours. I wasnt ready to be home yet and while I was contemplating what to do (or more specifically where to go) next, another girlfriend called up and said she needed a break from her mother. Did I mind if she stopped by? Four hours later she went home. And I'm now out of red wine.

Before all this running around started, I took a picture of my sky in the AM.


By noon it was this and starting to rain.

It was really bad around 2pm, but stopped raining when it was time for coffee, donuts and Target.

While it was raining, I finished up another one of these.

It's the 3rd cat blanket this year. I didn't use up as many balls of yarn in this one, but the ones I used up were BIG. Size 11 needles and 83 stitches. A great mindless knit.

That leaves me with only the shawl left on the needles. Which means I need to start something else. I can't decide what that will be yet, so I pulled out Bag Ladies and will do some stitching on this one for a bit. I haven't touched it since the end of April so its time it sees the light of day (or my OTT light) for a while.

Meanwhile there are 5 weeks left before school starts. That sounds like a lot, but I'm already seeing advertisements for school supplies. AND I haven't touched ANY of my quilting (and I planned on finishing at least one quilt before school started). The way things are looking, I will probably go back to my p/t job when the kids go back to school. Even though I'd rather be at home, I liked what I was doing and the people I was working with so it won't be so bad. Plus they REALLY want me to come back. With me in Accounting, the CFO can do more updates to the system. The people who did the work before me and also while I'm gone are not very computer savvy (they were still using a TYPEWRITER for some things) and kind of slow. I like to use the latest advances in technology to make the work less tedious and over with quickly. I'm lazy that way! LOL I want my same schedule, four 1/2 day weeks. This way I'll still have my *magic day* (one day off that I can move around during the week for school functions) and when I'm done with work, I still have a couple of hours before I have to pick up the kids from school. We'll just have to see how things go the closer to school we get.

And to my KVVS swapper, thank you so much for the great e-card. I loved it. And as far as where I got the Pronto yarn from? E-BAY baby!!! I had an automatic search set up and somebody just happened to be selling 10 skeins of the Pronto in pink. I scooped it all up even though I only needed 8. Ended up going into the 9th skein so I was glad to have some extra.

Starting tomorrow, I want to pull out some yarn, some patterns and some ideas of what I want to start next. So far I have babies, Barbies and some charities to knit for. I'm just not sure what yarn I want to use with what project. Plus I'm itching to start another pair of socks. So many yarny questions to answer. Stay tuned for the contestants, the top choices and hopefully some final winners.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

It's Better

First of all, thanks SO much for the positive comments on this dress. I think what bothers me the most is that it looks HOMEmade, not HANDmade. KWIM? I had an 8 y/o try it on and it fit perfectly! So it will fit for a long time to come! LOL Baby Girl was happy to hear it, because she still loves it! I added the buttons today and we tied a sash around her waist to see if it would help. Here is it.

The buttons DEFINITELY help. I'm not loving the ribbon around the waist, but Baby Girl does so it stays (for now). It looks better on the back.

When I held the material tighter to her back, it looked SO much better!!! I need to figure a way to gather it in the back and hold it there w/o messing up the knitting. If it was a fabric dress,it would be easier to manipulate. I'm open to all suggestions! LOL

Oh and I finished a dishcloth using some cotton/linen blend. It has tufts of white fibers woven in and I *thought* it would be ok, but its another project that I'm just eh with. I'm going to wash and dry it and see how it comes out. Its supposed to be a gift, but as of right now, its mine (and not in a good way).

Later this week I'll show an updated picture of the cat afghan. Apparently I cast on as many stitches as the last one (even though I was planning on doing a smaller afghan) so its growing slower than I want. However this is turning out ok because it is a mindless knit and I'm using up some more acrylic. I just cant work on it for too long because the size 11 needles hurt my hands after awhile.

And last but not least I need to start going thru patterns to figure out what to make this new niece/nephew. I've already stitched this family a housewarming present, I've made the boys each a hat and I also made them an I Spy quilt. I'm leaning toward a sweater and pants set. They live in San Francisco where the weather is always a bit cool. Stay tuned........

Sunday, July 08, 2007

It's Finished....

.....but I'm not thrilled with it.

And I was worried it would be too small.

It just hangs on her. And it's plain.


No zip.

So I plan on adding these.

They will help, but I'm still not thrilled with it. However Baby Girl LOVES it. And really that's *most* of what matters. In case this picture inspires you to make it (NOT!), I used a freebie pattern by Berroco. I've made this dress once before and even though it was a bit bulkier than I wanted, I really liked it. The yarn wasnt what was recommended, but it turned out ok. The buttons really made the difference. This time I used the recommended yarn, Pronto. I"m hoping the buttons make the difference again.

If it was just a bit smaller. With thinner yarn that had some pizzazz. I think I would like it then.

I just realized what it reminds me of......those sack dresses from the 80s.

This is the reason I stick to socks.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Saturday Afternoon Sky

Here is a picture of my sky late afternoon.

And why didn't I get a picture of the sky earlier today? Because I woke up with a wicked headache that basically puts me out of commission for the entire day. I HATE them. The IO came in to check on me around 3pm to see if I was feeling better and as long as I didnt move around, I could watch the TV on low and only my eyes felt like they would rot out of my skull, instead of the usual mind crushing feeling. I fell asleep at the beginning of How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and woke up 15 min before it ended. And finally felt much better. At 6:45pm. Ugh.

But at least I feel better now and got some great news. My SIL is pregnant! WOOHOO!! A new baby to knit for! She's due the end of January so that baby will need lots of warm knitted outfits. AND if she's a girl (my SIL already has 3 boys), that child will be in want of NOTHING!! LOL

We had some fun last night. Our local town has a Street Fair the first week of each month and this month, they added in fire works over the lake. The weather was actually really nice when we got there. The breeze coming off the lake was wonderful and it didnt feel oppressively hot. We don't go very often and this time they had something new.

A VERY big bouncy dragon! For two bucks each, the kids got to run thru and around this dragon for 5 min, just enough to cut the energy level down just a bit. We got pizza and pork sandwiches for food. They ran out of hotdogs, but we were still able to get cotton candy and sno-cones. Then we got a great view by the lake to see the light show, when another light show was beginning. Here we are by the lake...

Notice the dark clouds off to the right? Well there was lightning and thunder starting up abt 15 min before the fireworks were supposed to start. We debated what to do, we were sitting on the dock right next to the lake, which is great for fireworks but BAD for lightning. As it got worse, we decided to start heading to the car. It never rained but the walk back to the car felt LONG just because the lightning was getting bad. I knew we'd be able to see the fireworks from the car, but I didnt realize how well!! So we got to watch the fireworks in the comfort and safety of our van, and when they were over, we didnt have to fight the crowds to leave. They were decent, and we'll have to remember where we were next year. The lake is big and there were lots of places to be that were not crowded at all.

Well since I've had a jack hammer in my brain all day, not much has been going on, but I do plan on pulling out Baby Girl's dress. I am making some modifications to it, its not a coat dress like the pattern called for. I knit it in the round and I have to pay attention to the shaping of the arms and neckline so that it will look decent. I'm on the front of it now and hopefully I will have it done by tomorrow. None too soon either because I'm not sure how this is going to fit Baby Girl. She's grown since I started it and while I made it longer than it needed to be, I'm hoping she'll get to wear it for a bit. Once this is finished, I will bring out the vest for #1 Son. I'm almost done with it, but I made a couple of errors that need to be ripped out and redone. I want him to wear it this winter before HE grows out of it. That's the drawback of knitting for kids, if you dont go fast enough, they will outgrow it before you finish it!!!

Hope everybody had a great day!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Kitty Candy Friday

What happens when you sprinkle a bit of the 'nip on some beds and toys???

Kitties Gone Wild!


Lucy: sssskkkkphhfl

Tiger: Why isnt this bird flying away??

Tiger: Don't care why, I've got it now!

Princess: Hey, this doesn't look right!

Princess: When's it gonna be MY turn! I should NOT have to wait!

Lucy: I'm not giving THIS up!! MMFFFhhh

Tiger: Wait, what's this??

Tiger: Spacious yet cozy....

Tiger: And it comes with a view!

Princess: FINALLY!! Now how do I get these tiny balls out of here???

Lucy: I think I had too much of the 'nip.......

Caesar: These younguns don't know when to stop at the right amount.....zzzzzzzz