All Aboard!!

When the rugrats are home for 8 weeks, the things that are accessible get old.


Mundane. That's when you dig into the back of the closet and into the garage to pull out some stuff you haven't seen in awhile and wa-la! what is old is new again!!

These trains haven't been played with in a LONG time!! They've been sitting in the garage for quite some time. I'm just glad they work!! One makes train noises and the other one used to make smoke. We've had these for a long time too. Here is a shot of when we first got one of them.....

When #1 Son was born, the IO went a bit nuts with trains. He always loved trains and whenever we bought #1 Son toys, it always included a train related item. I'm just happy they are doing something that doesn't require a monitor!

Updates on my goals:

Scrapbooking: I finished #1 Son's Kindergarten scrapbook yesterday. That was the one that just needed to be fixed a bit and transferred into a different book. He loves to look thru his old stuff (to remember when he was "young"!) and I'm hoping this book will last a bit longer than the other one. I also have a bag filled with his 1st grade and 2nd grade stuff. And Baby Girl has her bag of Pre-K stuff. I went thru the computer and copied over all the pictures I need to print out and put them in one file. Once I have a little extra money, I will download them to a disk or to a website to have them printed out, hit JoAnn's for some coordinating paper and then I can start to put them all together. Once I have all the materials, it should only take me a wknd to do each one.

Quilting: I looked at two of the quilts I was planning on doing and I realize that due to various reasons, they just aren't going to happen. I still want to work on #1 Son's quilt, so I plan on putting all my quilt energies into that one.

Cross Stitching: I've been working on Bag Ladies and it's moving along nicely. Here is a before and after shot.

I finished up the front cat and want to finish the two bags before I rotate it out. It's getting a lot of air time since I dont have anything on the needles that I want to work on. Which leads me to.....

Knitting: Nothing to report. I still haven't pulled out all my yarn. That's going to be a big job and I've been putting it off. Now that a big part of my pile is put away, it may happen later today. When that happens I'll be able to pick out my next knitting project. Until then, only the shawl will be on the needles and we all know how much THAT moves me....

So I'm moving right along with what I want to do. However the house is starting to show the effects of my priorities. Oh well, the projects have been wallowing longer than the house so for now, the projects win!


Diane said…
We've got a little train addiction issue at my house too. They are really cool. My grandsons both learned colors, numbers, and letters from the Thomas the Tank Engine trains.
Anonymous said…
I have a problem with priorities during the summer months too. Gardening and knitting always come first.

Love your counted X-stitch pic. Coming along great!
Have a great day. :)
stitcherw said…
Wonderful progress on Bag ladies. The cats on this are so pretty, and my favorite is the one that you started with.

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