Another Finish

It's not much, but I finished another square for WUA yesterday.

After I finished the square I had this deflated skein left (who knew Sears used to make yarn??).

So I pulled out my handy dandy ball winder and made this!

Can you tell I love this thing? I put it next to the bigger cake I made earlier to compare sizes.

I also started the scarf for RSP. I'm only 3 inches into a Mistake Rib scarf so I'll show more when there is more to show.

THEN I pulled out #1 Son's vest to work on. I havent touched it in a while so I had to figure out what I had done. I knew I made a mistake on the finished front left panel and it would need to be ripped out to the armhole, so I put that part back in the bag and pulled out the right front panel. I made sure that I had all the decreases correct (I have to decrease for both the armhole AND the v-neck) all the while keeping in pattern. After 10 rows I double checked my work. Apparently I was doing the armhole decreases on the v-neck side and the v-neck decreases on the armhole. Ugh. I shoved everything back into the bag for next Saturday when the IO is home and I can lock myself in the bedroom and not be interupted until I get this fixed. I LOVE the feel of the yarn, but this vest is kicking me in the butt. The killer is that I've made this vest BEFORE, but I was younger and only had one child to keep me occupied. Apparently two children kill off brain cells a lot faster than one.

Meanwhile, as I was working in the office, this is what the kids were working on.

At first all I saw was a mess, but then I realized that I used to make forts out of blankets and furniture, too, so what's a mom to do? I crawled in there with them!! And crawled right back out because I no longer fit in forts made of blankets and furniture. That's ok, I prefer recliners anyway.

I gotta have my space to stretch out too!


Anonymous said…
Seriously! Sears? How old IS that yarn?????
SusieH said…
Vintage yarn and play forts - life doens't get much better. Sorry the vest pattern is kicking your behoo. Hope you get that time alone to figure it out soon!
Brigitte said…
Sears made yarn? Phew...

Forts were fun, but you're right, they don't make 'em adult sized, complete with hammock and a place to rest your drink!
Congrats on the square! Wow, Sears yarn!

Ooooh, I remember blanket forts! (and sadly, I wouldn't fit anymore either) Those were the best!
Diane said…
Man, I remember those days of the house being turned into one big fort. Just puts a smile on your face.
Janet said…
Princess came home at Christmas time and built a fort for Bumpkins. When I tried to help, Princess said" go away you aren't building it right." LOL

Love the doll baby buggy.

It is amazing to see who made yarn back when. Wonder if the Sears yarn was ordered through a catalog?
stitcherw said…
I remember blanket forts, although it seems ages ago that my DD was young enough (or willing to act young enough) to make one. Congrats on finishing another square, and the yarn rolls look neat, I'll bet it is fun to roll them. Good luck with the vest, and very cute kitty picture, your guys seem to pose so well for you.

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