A different kind of creativity

I was reading Susie's blog and she had this painting posted of her current mood. I loved the painting so I decided to make one of my own.

Click here to create your own painting.

I think if I took it earlier it would be different. Right now I got the house cleaned up a bit and most of the laundry done, the IO is bringing home dinner (KFC anyone?) and once done, I will knit. Earlier today I was a bit frazzled because we have new neighbors with a kid a year younger than #1 Son, but a half a head taller than him. He's a nice kid, but a bit hyper and will climb the fence whenever he wants to come over. I'm trying to set some ground rules of when he can come over, so we had something set for 3pm today. I made the kids clean up around 2 and when #1 Son went to get him, he had another friend over and #1 Son was told that it would have to be another day. GRRRRR. The mom is also very sweet (turns out we have mutual friends) but its apparent who runs who there. Another reason I'm glad school is starting in less than 3 weeks.......

I have some things finished and progressing knitwise, but since I will be doing more knitting tonight, I will update with pictures tomorrow.

No longer refer to me as "Princess". I am now Queen of the Universe!!**

** this cat is SO far from the image I portray. She is the SWEETEST cat and tolerates a LOT from the Rugrats.....but when she sits in a diarama of space and gives me that look, I just cant help myself!!


Janet said…
Oh KFC!! Ours closed and now the nearest one is almost a 3 hr drive away.

School starts around the same time for us. High School Football officially started today.

Athena would have all those stars ripped down and if she didn't do it before bed, we would have to put the box away for the night.
Brigitte said…
*droooool* KFC...

That is such a funny kitty picture! And what a great idea, although I'm pretty sure Gandalf would have them ripped down in no time flat!

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