It's Better

First of all, thanks SO much for the positive comments on this dress. I think what bothers me the most is that it looks HOMEmade, not HANDmade. KWIM? I had an 8 y/o try it on and it fit perfectly! So it will fit for a long time to come! LOL Baby Girl was happy to hear it, because she still loves it! I added the buttons today and we tied a sash around her waist to see if it would help. Here is it.

The buttons DEFINITELY help. I'm not loving the ribbon around the waist, but Baby Girl does so it stays (for now). It looks better on the back.

When I held the material tighter to her back, it looked SO much better!!! I need to figure a way to gather it in the back and hold it there w/o messing up the knitting. If it was a fabric dress,it would be easier to manipulate. I'm open to all suggestions! LOL

Oh and I finished a dishcloth using some cotton/linen blend. It has tufts of white fibers woven in and I *thought* it would be ok, but its another project that I'm just eh with. I'm going to wash and dry it and see how it comes out. Its supposed to be a gift, but as of right now, its mine (and not in a good way).

Later this week I'll show an updated picture of the cat afghan. Apparently I cast on as many stitches as the last one (even though I was planning on doing a smaller afghan) so its growing slower than I want. However this is turning out ok because it is a mindless knit and I'm using up some more acrylic. I just cant work on it for too long because the size 11 needles hurt my hands after awhile.

And last but not least I need to start going thru patterns to figure out what to make this new niece/nephew. I've already stitched this family a housewarming present, I've made the boys each a hat and I also made them an I Spy quilt. I'm leaning toward a sweater and pants set. They live in San Francisco where the weather is always a bit cool. Stay tuned........


Diane said…
Those button and sash really make that dress! You did great!
Jane said…
You did a good job with the dress - it's just adorable on her. And it's nice to know it will fit her for a while, after all the work you did.
Fiber_Chic said…
The dress looks adorable!
stitcherw said…
Very cute, I do like it with the buttons, they give it that little bit extra. I'm glad she is enjoying it so much, and that it will fit for a while. They grow so fast, it is nice to know that she'll be able to have it longer than just a couple of months or so.
monica said…
Very sweet. And the bottons are just the right touch. It looks like she loves it too from the big smile on her face.
Anonymous said…
Just finished reading all of your blogs. And since I now have a vague idea about what you like. It is time to go be a "tourist" in this fine city.
your Secret KVVS Pal
Life's a Stitch said…
I gave up making clothes for my kids when a two hour pattern took 12 hours. I refused to give up until 12 hours had past and I didn't even get to the button holes.

It looks great!
Life's a Stitch said…
I sent my comment too quickly wiht out explaining myself. It was a sewing project I made. I should have stuck to knitting although I'm sure it would have taken me just as long. A labour of love!

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