It's Finished....

.....but I'm not thrilled with it.

And I was worried it would be too small.

It just hangs on her. And it's plain.


No zip.

So I plan on adding these.

They will help, but I'm still not thrilled with it. However Baby Girl LOVES it. And really that's *most* of what matters. In case this picture inspires you to make it (NOT!), I used a freebie pattern by Berroco. I've made this dress once before and even though it was a bit bulkier than I wanted, I really liked it. The yarn wasnt what was recommended, but it turned out ok. The buttons really made the difference. This time I used the recommended yarn, Pronto. I"m hoping the buttons make the difference again.

If it was just a bit smaller. With thinner yarn that had some pizzazz. I think I would like it then.

I just realized what it reminds me of......those sack dresses from the 80s.

This is the reason I stick to socks.


Jane said…
You know, it really is a darling dress. I bet you'll like it better once she grows into it a bit more. And the buttons will definitely help.
Diane said…
HHHEEEEYYYY I use to wear those sack dresses in the 80's! As long as the girlie loves it then that's all that counts. She'll grow into it .... and then out of it all too fast. She's got such a great smile.
Anonymous said…
I agree with the others ....wait a couple of weeks and it will fit just fine.

It's very pretty and if girlie likes it, you know it will get a lot of wearings!
stitcherw said…
The buttons will be cute, and break up the pink a little. However, overall I like it as is. It looks cool and comfortable with it being loose like that, and from the smile on her face (and like you said) she loves it. Congrats on finishing another winner. :)
Very pretty! I do agree with your idea to add buttons. They do perk it up a bit.

And, as long as your little girl likes it, it's a winner... :o)
Anonymous said…
I saw that pattern in one of your earlier posts and was going to ask how did it knit up. Does look a bit bigger than the pattern shows. And where on this planet Earth did you find Pronto? It has been discontinued.
Jennifer said…
I love the dress. Her smile really says it all. What more could a knitter want than a recipient who just *LOVES* it. The buttons are a nice touch, too.
Deborah said…
are you kidding me???? it is amazing!
Susie said…
I think it's terrific! Yes, it's still too big, but there's always this winter, and the year after. SHe looks like she's in luuurv with it right now. I agree with ya about the buttons; I think they wil add some zing...

Anonymous said…
I LOVED those sack dresses!!!!! They were so comfy and darling...had a taste of relaxation while not looking dumpy. It also covered a multitude of sins! LOL Denise

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