Kitty Candy Friday

What happens when you sprinkle a bit of the 'nip on some beds and toys???

Kitties Gone Wild!


Lucy: sssskkkkphhfl

Tiger: Why isnt this bird flying away??

Tiger: Don't care why, I've got it now!

Princess: Hey, this doesn't look right!

Princess: When's it gonna be MY turn! I should NOT have to wait!

Lucy: I'm not giving THIS up!! MMFFFhhh

Tiger: Wait, what's this??

Tiger: Spacious yet cozy....

Tiger: And it comes with a view!

Princess: FINALLY!! Now how do I get these tiny balls out of here???

Lucy: I think I had too much of the 'nip.......

Caesar: These younguns don't know when to stop at the right amount.....zzzzzzzz


Anonymous said…
Oh my ...Lucy looks a little looped!
Anonymous said…
Your Kitty Montage was hilarious! I honestly cracked right up. Thank you so much!

It doesn't take much to make kids happy. A bit of water, any way they can get it, is always fun to play in, and especially on a really hot day. When I was a child (OMG before your time) we used Grandmother's washing tubs as our little wading pools, and had a blast!

Also love the colors in your little "charity socks." Adorable.
Robin said…
Love the kitty pics!! We just had 2 new kittens show up last week and it has been endless entertainment watching them!!
KSee said…
Love the commentary. Cats certainly are entertainment as well as love
stitcherw said…
LOVED the kitty pictures, to cute. Your lables were fun too. Thanks for the smile.

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