Month End Wrap up

Today I think I'll start out with something you don't normally see in this blog.

About a month ago I was in Target and they were having a sale in their $1 bins (I LOVE this section!). They had these little mini kits complete with a pot, dirt and seeds to grow your own veggies, flowers or herbs. I saw them before, but today they were only $.50 each. Well you know me and a bargain so I started going thru it. They had basil (which we have TONS of), radishes (which nobody likes) and they had a couple of tomatoes left. I decided to get the tomato one. Now just to let you all know, I dont have much of a green thumb. I need things that dont require alot of work. Anything that has to be babied along is just NOT for me. Plus if I plant something outside, the IO decides to *help* me so between the two of us, the plant ends up dead. So I decided that this will be my quiet little project. I brought it home and ended up putting it in my closet to work on that wknd.

One month later as I'm going thru my yarn stash, I find a bag of stuff from Target. Its some $1 toys I had bought the rugrats and at the bottom of the bag was my little tomato kit! So I pulled it out and planted the seeds. Yesterday I saw something poking thru and today I had this!!

I hear some of you laughing at such a pathetic little seedling, but I'm so excited!! Normally I kill things at this stage, I either drown the poor seeds or I dry them out so much that they turn to dust and blow away so the fact that I have something green poking thru the dirt is very exciting for me! According to my directions I need to wait until they are 3 inches tall before I transplant them. Then I plan on putting them in a big pot and growing them in that. I know I will eventually need some sort of stake in the back to help give the plant support. I also know there are a few of you that read this blog that have mighty green thumbs (all you have to do is LOOK at a plant and it grows, you know who you are!) so if you have any advice on how to get my tomatoes to grow into something that I can eat in a salad, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Ok lets move on to knitting.

First up is my shawl.

I've done 20 repeats which means I'm now 1/4 done. I'm still trying to do one repeat a day, and the past couple days I've done 2. I'm still on the first skein so it looks as if I will have more than enough yarn to complete this project. I bought this as a kit from my LYS, but since I'm making the smaller size, I'm not going to need all 4 skeins that was in the bag. Once it is complete I may have some kind of contest with the Euroflax as the giveaway.

Second item up for discussion are my baby socks.

OMG aren't these the cutest?!?!? I'm making these for Afghans for Afghans, their new hospital is looking for all things baby. I usually use worsted weight for charity socks, but with such small baby feet, I decided to use some thicker sock yarn instead. I can't imagine trying to get really thick socks on an infants foot, so I think these will be ok. They are 100% wool which is what they always request. Meanwhile I am DEFINITELY going to make some washable wool socks for my SIL with this same pattern.

Another project going is my scarf for the Red Scarf Project.

I work on this scarf late at night since it's pretty mindless. So far its 21" long which means I'm abt 1/3 way complete.

This red scarf also qualifies for Project Spectrum. Today is the last day for the colors Red, Black and Metallics. Another qualifier is the fabric I plan on using for Baby Girl's new outfit.

It's some seersucker I found in the remnant bin at JoAnn's. Its enough fabric to make her some shorts and a cute top. I ran it by her first to make sure she likes it and she does.

However by far my favorite picture that completely qualifies for red, black and metallics is this one.

She can't wait for ballet to start up again.

Overall I have completed a dress, a cat blanket, a pair of charity socks, two dishcloths and two Warm Up America squares during the month of July. Pretty productive month. I expect to get alot done in Aug with the rugrats back in school and me still home. Once Sept starts, so does work and ballet so productivity will most likely slow down. Until then I plan on getting as much done as possible.


Anonymous said…
Heeeeyyyyy --- I have a shawl just like that!

Baby girl looks mighty cute in her dance outfit!
Anonymous said…
You've been nominated as a ROCKIN' GIRL BLOGGER!
Erin said…
Just wait, the tomatoes are amazing. We've got 5 plants that survived the bunnies on the side of the house and they are LOADED with tomatoes. I love those kits from Target!
Janet said…
Tomato plants... haven't grown one in many years. Need a green house to grow one up here. (which I have now).

You did all that in 1 month? I am very impressed. Between work, kids and other life, I am lucky to get done what I do.

Target.. We get one in 2 yrs (perhaps next fall if we are lucky). Yeah!!!
Allison said…
That picture is adorable! And I agree, those one dollar bins at target are way to tempting. Bought way to much outdoor picnic table setting stuff earlier this summer which hasn't seen the light of day...
Diane said…
What an adorable little butterfly!

Boy you are just cranking along on those projects. That shawl is beautiful.

And nothing beats a fresh off the vine tomato so you should be proud of your little plant.
Vivian said…
Congratulations on the tomato seedling! I'm a total brown thumb, even killed a cactus one time. But I love flowers and pictures of flowers, keep the florist happy.
Life's a Stitch said…
I, too, am a bad plant mom. I'm better off sticking to knitting.

Pretty shawl,
stitcherw said…
She's adorable in her ladybug outfit, just to cute. Also, congrats on getting the plant to grow. Pretty much anything I try to grow dies other than one Philadendrom that I've had for ages. I inherited it from a lady that had an office before me about 14 years ago. She got it from the woman before her, so no one is really sure how old it is. However, it is still going strong, other than that if I try to grow it, it dies.

Your red scarf and baby socks are coming along great, and your lavender shawl is beautiful, the design makes it look so dainty and delicate.
on the wings... said…
Ahhhemm! Did you know you have a red fairy in the yard? Cute outfit.

Are you still knitting with your substantial stash over the summer months?

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