Perpetual Organization

Ever since I realized there were only 5 weeks left until school/work starts up again, I've been thinking what we've done so far this summer. We've done quite a bit, but the projects I wanted to do haven't been touched.

Until yesterday.

Yesterday I tackled my bedroom dresser. The top is a place where I pile things to deal with later. W/O going into detail, its been awhile since I've been thru the whole thing. So now I have piles of projects waiting to be finished. Some things are just clothes that need to be fixed, or some paperwork that needs to be shredded. But then there is the pile of school stuff that I saved to put in a scrapbook for the rugrats. And the yarn that Baby Girl picked out for Barbie clothes. And the cross stitch projects that I need to finish.

My dresser is now free from paperwork, but my floor is filled with piles of different things to tackle. I figure if I'm going to put together a scrapbook for this past school year, I should also put together the scrapbook for #1 Son from the year before that. That entailed pulling out the drawer that held all his 1st grade stuff. If they are starting school in 5 weeks, I'd like to have all this stuff done so I can start fresh.

Now before you all think I've lost it and am diluted into thinking I can put together THREE scrapbooks in five weeks, I don't go all out with scrapbooking. I may use some pretty paper to put pictures on, but for the most part, I just put the year together in order. Nothing fancy with framing each picture or adding charms, stickers and other accessories. I'm a simplistic scrapbooker. #1 Son LOVED his scrapbook from Kindergarten and went thru it so much that the book got destroyed. That's in another pile to move into a new book.

That is Project #1. Project #2 is to pull all the yarn out of my closet and to reorganize it. With all the finished projects and all the new additions and all the new projects I want to start, I need to put this together a bit better. I can still find things, but I really would like to get it better organized just so I dont have to climb over bags to get to what I want.

Project #3 is to work on the quilts I have started. Two are for friends who have had some tragedy in their lives recently and I'd like to get the quilts to them before much longer.

Project #4 is to use some of my denim fabric to make Baby Girl some shorts. Its really hard to find decent shorts for her. It kills me that even for little girls they make the pants to ride on their hips. Well Baby Girl has hips and a butt so these things make her look like a plumber's helper. I want to make her some jean shorts that she can wear to school and sit on the floor and play on the slide and have them stay on.

This is my goal. Even I know that this is reaching, but I'm hoping to accomplish at least half of them. And I've already started on the piles.

Tomorrow I will post some updates of Bag Ladies. And all of the above is bound to change order, esp when I'm itching to knit and I only have the shawl on the needles.

Lucy's thought: As long as she leaves me a spot on the bed to sleep, I dont care WHAT she does (or doesn't) do!


SusieH said…
Oh, can I get a witness!? I hear you about the shorts for girls - makes me crazy that they sell hotpants for 3 and 4 year olds. I found some capri leggings last week and practically cried for joy. YOu rock for planning to sew some up.

Good luck with the scrapping and the sorting.
Anonymous said…
Wow! You are gonna be a BUSY lady! Can't wait to see pictures of the progress.
Cats do have their priorities in the order, don't they? :o)
stitcherw said…
You are going to be very busy even if you only get part of what you have listed done. Good luck on working through your list. Cute picture of Lucy, she looks very comfy.
Kathy said…

Your comment on my blog has led me to yours! (Love HaloScan - makes it so easy!)

Love your blog! Enjoyed browsing the many posts. For the record - Babygirls pink dress is precious! Not "handmade" at all - very much handknit - and with a great deal of love, no less!! The buttons are great btw.

In my retirement, I have a goal of cleaning out/organizing one small area of my house each day. One drawer, one closet shelf, etc. By the time I finish - it will be time to start over again. But, it makes me feel like I am making some progress. So, I know how you feel about your dresser top.

Thanks for your comment about my Sofee posts. Loved your kitty photos and posts. I did not share with Sofee, however - she is somewhat sensitive about cyber-cats!! In fact - she is in denial that any even exist...:)

Later - K
Deborah said…
I've been cleaning up too and trying to convince the soon to be college student that he cannot take the contents of his room with him to college. Little does he know that HIS room will be my future craft studio! Yipppeee!

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