Saturday Afternoon Sky

Here is a picture of my sky late afternoon.

And why didn't I get a picture of the sky earlier today? Because I woke up with a wicked headache that basically puts me out of commission for the entire day. I HATE them. The IO came in to check on me around 3pm to see if I was feeling better and as long as I didnt move around, I could watch the TV on low and only my eyes felt like they would rot out of my skull, instead of the usual mind crushing feeling. I fell asleep at the beginning of How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and woke up 15 min before it ended. And finally felt much better. At 6:45pm. Ugh.

But at least I feel better now and got some great news. My SIL is pregnant! WOOHOO!! A new baby to knit for! She's due the end of January so that baby will need lots of warm knitted outfits. AND if she's a girl (my SIL already has 3 boys), that child will be in want of NOTHING!! LOL

We had some fun last night. Our local town has a Street Fair the first week of each month and this month, they added in fire works over the lake. The weather was actually really nice when we got there. The breeze coming off the lake was wonderful and it didnt feel oppressively hot. We don't go very often and this time they had something new.

A VERY big bouncy dragon! For two bucks each, the kids got to run thru and around this dragon for 5 min, just enough to cut the energy level down just a bit. We got pizza and pork sandwiches for food. They ran out of hotdogs, but we were still able to get cotton candy and sno-cones. Then we got a great view by the lake to see the light show, when another light show was beginning. Here we are by the lake...

Notice the dark clouds off to the right? Well there was lightning and thunder starting up abt 15 min before the fireworks were supposed to start. We debated what to do, we were sitting on the dock right next to the lake, which is great for fireworks but BAD for lightning. As it got worse, we decided to start heading to the car. It never rained but the walk back to the car felt LONG just because the lightning was getting bad. I knew we'd be able to see the fireworks from the car, but I didnt realize how well!! So we got to watch the fireworks in the comfort and safety of our van, and when they were over, we didnt have to fight the crowds to leave. They were decent, and we'll have to remember where we were next year. The lake is big and there were lots of places to be that were not crowded at all.

Well since I've had a jack hammer in my brain all day, not much has been going on, but I do plan on pulling out Baby Girl's dress. I am making some modifications to it, its not a coat dress like the pattern called for. I knit it in the round and I have to pay attention to the shaping of the arms and neckline so that it will look decent. I'm on the front of it now and hopefully I will have it done by tomorrow. None too soon either because I'm not sure how this is going to fit Baby Girl. She's grown since I started it and while I made it longer than it needed to be, I'm hoping she'll get to wear it for a bit. Once this is finished, I will bring out the vest for #1 Son. I'm almost done with it, but I made a couple of errors that need to be ripped out and redone. I want him to wear it this winter before HE grows out of it. That's the drawback of knitting for kids, if you dont go fast enough, they will outgrow it before you finish it!!!

Hope everybody had a great day!


Jane said…
Sorry you were hurting all day. Looks like you had a great time at the lake, though.
Anonymous said…
Glad you are feeling a little bit better! I've had headaches like that ....YUCKY!!!

#1 Son looks like he was having a good time at the Bouncy Dragon.
Cookie said…
Sorry about your migraine. I woke up with one, but my meds worked.
I watched "How to Lose A Guy..." Friday night. I started watching mostly to piss off my husband, and keep him from watching Dragon Ball Z dvd's, but I really enjoyed it.
I really wished I had a gf on the couch to watch with me. What a good chick flick.
Diane said…
That bouncy dragon looks like fun. Wwwwaaaa why didn't they have stuff like that when I was a kid! Congrats to your sister in law. Fingers crossed that it's a girl.
stitcherw said…
Glad your headache finally started to pass, but sorry you had to lose most of the day because of it. The street fair looks like it would have been fun. Glad you found a good spot to watch the fireworks.

Congrats to your SIL, a new baby will be such fun. The timing sounds like it will work well for you for knitting too, I'll watch for lots of little baby things to start turning up on your blog. :)

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