Saturday Sigh.....

Who knew such a small closet could hold so much stuff???

Apparently part of my hobby addiction is collecting as much floss or fabric or in this case yarn that I possibly can. And I'm a sucker for a sale. I'll drop $25 on a bunch of yarns that I have no idea what I'll do with (but were on sale), and yet pass up some great yarn because its NOT on sale and VERY expensive, but would cost me no more than the yarn I just purchased. I'm sure a therapist would have fun with that one. Regardless, I'm now overflowing with more than enough yarn to make socks for my family, scarves for the extended family, some baby and toddler stuff for the newer cousins and a bunch of wool extras for the charity knitting that I do. And we wont even discuss the acrylic that keeps multiplying......

Shopping in your own stash though DOES curb any buying desires (except for my KVVS swap, still need to get something for her) and I pulled out all the projects that I have sitting in the back of that closet. I found #1 Son's vest that needs to be fixed and then finished off, I have a sweater I started for myself a couple of years ago that I would like to work on, that shawl (which I did a repeat last night on) and a sweater in novelty yarn for Baby Girl. I'll run it past her to make sure she still likes it and then I'll cast on. And I found some sock yarn that I remembered I had but forgot how luscious it was (some Koigu I bought from my LYS last summer).

So while at first I was overwhelmed by what I had, I think I'm going to start just chipping away at the pile by making some scarves for the family in NY, and some toddler sweaters for the soon to be 3 y/o.

I feel a fire burning for the knitting, which means the Bag Ladies will probably be put away. I worked on her a bit more yesterday, but only one long strand. I knew once I took that picture it would make me want to move along. That's ok, this one has been rotated around a bit so I know that it will be back out in a couple of months.

As far as my sky

the entire central Florida area is under a thunderstorm watch until 9pm tonight. We've been having some nasty storms the past few days. Rain is good. Lightning is bad.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some yarn to shove back into the closet......


Janet said…
I can't imagine Floridian thunderstorms. And it is amazing what some of us can pack into small spaces. So now you are on a yarn diet and fabric diet, wondering if I could help. Yep! I can add to your stash. LOL
Your KVVS Secret Swapper
stitcherw said…
Lovely yarn stash. It is amazing sometimes when you start to pull your stash out of a closet or other space how much you really managed to squirrel away in that area, and it is fun to "shop" your stash especially when you've managed to forget a lot of what you had. Looks like you'll have a lot of beautiful knitting in your future.
Diane said…
I think the yarn multiplies when put into dark closets.

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