Saturday Social

This was almost entitled Saturday Shopping because one of my LYS's is moving to Tampa and they were having some good sales on yarn. I have yet to go to this LYS so I figured it would be a good idea to do so before they moved. And the Rag Shop in Ocala is going out of business, everything is 30-80% off. PLUS I found some extra money that I could use for this shopping spree (dh is SUCH an enabler. HE was the one who suggested taking the day for myself and have some fun). How could I resist? Well somehow I did. I really dont need any more cross stitch, I DEFINITELY don't need any more fabric and the yarn at Rag Shop isn't what I'm looking for. The LYS specializes in sock yarn, but I have a LOT of sock yarn that I want to use in my stash already. So I decided I was going to *shop* my stash instead.

But I never got the chance.

A friend called up and needed to run some errands and wanted to know if I wanted to come along. A trip to Dunkin Donuts and Target??? Oh yeah!! She couldnt be out long so I was home in a couple of hours. I wasnt ready to be home yet and while I was contemplating what to do (or more specifically where to go) next, another girlfriend called up and said she needed a break from her mother. Did I mind if she stopped by? Four hours later she went home. And I'm now out of red wine.

Before all this running around started, I took a picture of my sky in the AM.


By noon it was this and starting to rain.

It was really bad around 2pm, but stopped raining when it was time for coffee, donuts and Target.

While it was raining, I finished up another one of these.

It's the 3rd cat blanket this year. I didn't use up as many balls of yarn in this one, but the ones I used up were BIG. Size 11 needles and 83 stitches. A great mindless knit.

That leaves me with only the shawl left on the needles. Which means I need to start something else. I can't decide what that will be yet, so I pulled out Bag Ladies and will do some stitching on this one for a bit. I haven't touched it since the end of April so its time it sees the light of day (or my OTT light) for a while.

Meanwhile there are 5 weeks left before school starts. That sounds like a lot, but I'm already seeing advertisements for school supplies. AND I haven't touched ANY of my quilting (and I planned on finishing at least one quilt before school started). The way things are looking, I will probably go back to my p/t job when the kids go back to school. Even though I'd rather be at home, I liked what I was doing and the people I was working with so it won't be so bad. Plus they REALLY want me to come back. With me in Accounting, the CFO can do more updates to the system. The people who did the work before me and also while I'm gone are not very computer savvy (they were still using a TYPEWRITER for some things) and kind of slow. I like to use the latest advances in technology to make the work less tedious and over with quickly. I'm lazy that way! LOL I want my same schedule, four 1/2 day weeks. This way I'll still have my *magic day* (one day off that I can move around during the week for school functions) and when I'm done with work, I still have a couple of hours before I have to pick up the kids from school. We'll just have to see how things go the closer to school we get.

And to my KVVS swapper, thank you so much for the great e-card. I loved it. And as far as where I got the Pronto yarn from? E-BAY baby!!! I had an automatic search set up and somebody just happened to be selling 10 skeins of the Pronto in pink. I scooped it all up even though I only needed 8. Ended up going into the 9th skein so I was glad to have some extra.

Starting tomorrow, I want to pull out some yarn, some patterns and some ideas of what I want to start next. So far I have babies, Barbies and some charities to knit for. I'm just not sure what yarn I want to use with what project. Plus I'm itching to start another pair of socks. So many yarny questions to answer. Stay tuned for the contestants, the top choices and hopefully some final winners.


Dee said…
Sounds like you had a busy weekend.

We had the most horrendous storm yesterday --- hail and everything!

Can't see what's up next on the needles.
stitcherw said…
Certainly sounds like you ended up with a very full weekend even though you didn't have much planned. Congrats on finishing another cat blanket, I'm sure the shelter (and some lucky kitty) will be very appreciative of it. Looking forward to seeing what you decide to start next, as well as an update on Bag ladies.
Anonymous said…
Was thinking that you were busy. Target and Dunkin' Donuts sounds like the perfect outing.
Your work schedule sounds like the perfect mom's schedule.
I am off to the local "adventure park" today.
Glad that you got the e-card. This is fun.
Diane said…
Sounds like a perfect version of the old "What I planned to do vs what I actually did".

And you know right after they finish the back to school sales we'll be seeing christmas stuff in the stores. Where does the time go?
Janet said…
Thanks for the comment. The worse kitty/mouse incident was last winter when DH and I couldn't identify a smell for 3 days. The kitty left her treasure under our bed.
Nice sky pictures and the dress looks nice.

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