They Don't Write Them Like They Used To

There are only a few shows out there that make me laugh out loud. There are even fewer that make me LOL AND that I can watch with my kids. Well I just watched an hour of I Love Lucy and I havent laughed that much in a LONG time! The Ricardos and the Mertzs are in Europe and one episode was of Lucy wanting to look for her ancestors in Scotland (which led to a dream sequence of her being eaten by a two headed dragon {Fred & Ethel}). The second was of them in Paris and Lucy exchanges dollars for counterfeit francs and chaos ensues. LOL The other B&W show that I makes me LOL is The Dick Van Dyke Show. Again, another classic.

So anyway, I've been trying to get on line for the past 4 days, but between running around during the day and trying to share one computer between 4 people at night, it just wasnt happening. I've been trying to keep up with emails and blogs, but posting has been difficult. When I *do* get on line, I dont have the brain to write a post that would make sense, let alone one that would be remotely entertaining. So its been quiet on the ole blog.

Where do I start? I had a ton of ideas to post today, what we've been doing, what I've been working on, a whole kitty montage. So what do I open with? TV shows. Well TV has been a big part of my life, along with movies. I tend to quote lines from movies that apparently not many people have seen (or seen as often as I have) so they just give me blank stares. Or shake their heads at me.


I'm surprised I dont talk more abt TV shows here, esp during the fall season and sweeps. But now that I mentioned Lucy, all of that may change. Let that be a warning to you all.

Ok back to your regularly scheduled blogging (see, another TV reference). Why have I been away from my blog for a few days?? My sister and nephew were up again. My sister G has yet to sell her house in SoFla and now that she owns her house up here as well, she's getting a bit nuts. More so than usual. Plus it looks as if my nephew won't be moving up with her, something everybody is happy abt but her. She's divorced and has been a single mom for a long time. It will be a big change for her, but seriously, the kid is 26 and its time for him to move out.

So with them being out and another friend visiting from NJ, I've either been cleaning, cooking or not even home. I did manage to fit in a haircut with some coloring added. I told him that I wanted it to look natural and close to my hair color, something shinier and with a few subtle highlights. Well apparently he did such a great job that when I got home, nobody could tell I did anything to my hair!! They love the cut (nothing drastic, a couple of inches off the back and a bit of shaping around the face) but I need to go back and add a bit more lighter highlights. With the amount of money that I spent, you really should be able to tell I did something.

By the time yesterday came around, I didn't want to do ANYTHING. Here is what the rugrats did.

The Insane One was working in the garage and the rugrats were with him, but it was HOT! So they ended up taking apart the sprinklers to simulate a fire hydrant! They had SO much fun with it and are begging to do it again today. Unfortunately the IO put it all back together and I have no idea how to get it back the way it was yesterday. We REALLY need to get another squishy pool like we had last year.

What was I doing during all this fun in the sun?? I was inside with the a/c blaring working on these.

OMG these were the fastest socks I ever knit up!!! I started one sock on 7/2 & finished it on 7/3. The second sock was started and completed on 7/4. I used some more of my charity worsted weight wool, size 7 dpns with 24 stitches cast on. FAST! The pattern can be found HERE. These are even faster than the Magic 28 socks!! I will DEFINITELY be doing a lot more of these!!

I proceeded to cast on for another project, but its not something I can talk abt yet. I will post a picture when the recipent receives it.

Tomorrow will be my montage of kitty pictures. Eye Candy for sure!

Keep cool!!


Those socks are adorable!!!
Anonymous said…
I love Lucy brings back memories.
1) The I love Lucy episode where she is smashing grapes w/her feet. That was a good one.
2) I used to love watching and listening to Lucy and Ricky fight. Especially when he went off into Spanish.

Speedy Socks.
stitcherw said…
I love the old shows best too, I Love Lucy, Dick Van Dyke, I Dream of Jeannie, Mary Tyler Moore, etc... those were fun and clean, everyone could watch them. There are very few shows on anymore that I'm really interested in watching. Have they seen the episode where Lucy is working in the Chocolate Factory? Or, where she's making wine and stomping the grapes? Those were two of my favorites.

The kids look like they were having a lot of fun in the water, and with the heat we've been having it was a perfect pasttime. Congrats on finishing another pair of socks.

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