Tuesday Ramblings

Part 1: I Just Dont Get It

As I move along the Information Highway cruising from one blog to another, there has been a flurry of activity at the majority of stops. Harry Potter. OMG I never realized how many knitters are also Harry Potter fans!! Me, not so much. I never got into him. And the fact that its the last book has made Harry Potter Mania that much more manic.

And if its not Harry Potter, it's Ravelry. Again I just dont get it. I can see how it might be kind of cool, but from what I can tell, there's nothing there that I can't find on line or post to my own blog. I'm not even on the list to sign up. When I checked to see where on the list a friend of mine was, she had over a thousand people ahead of her!! Again, another craze I just dont get. Maybe once its up and running I can get on to see what all the hub is abt.

Part 2: How to become the "Bestest Mommy in the Whole Wide World"

I just got this on clearance for $15. It normally retails for $50. Not back huh??

It arrived yesterday and today we had these.

Yes I could have put it on a pretty plate with some garnish, but when its abt to be devoured by a child in two seconds, who cares???


Dee said…
I got on the list for Ravelry (just because I could). I may (or may not) do anything with it, but I thought I would give it a try.

The Harry Potter thing ... not my thing. I guess I've never gotten into a book series quite as much as the HP thing seems to take people. Although I do enjoy reading A LOT.

Cute waffle maker. Gotta love Mickey waffles.
stitcherw said…
Well the HP books I can relate to, although I'm behind in the books so won't start the last one right away (even though I do have it). As to Ravelry, ? I've never heard of it so must have missed that craze.

Your waffle maker is very cute, I can see how the kids would love it. My mom had pancake molds when I was little that would make bunnies, cats, dogs, and something else. Somehow food always tasted better when it was fun.
Deborah said…
whelp, again you prove we were twins switched at birth...

No harry potter here, no revelry or whatever its called (I too am probably 1000 on the list).
Fiber_Chic said…
Very cute mickey mouse pancakes...I wish I had that when I was little!
Janet said…
As part of the Harry Potter Mania. Any good book series or even tv show will generate a following (Just wait- when Star Trek comes out w/a movie or new show, now that will be serious mania). I enjoy the discussion groups that are taking place in response to the new book. There isn't any thing like that here- so a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do.

Love the Mickey Mouse Iron- have you tried to make Mickey into Minnie for Baby Girl?
Anonymous said…
Did you get your e-card from Hawaii?
monica said…
I am with you. My kids all love the HP books. I read the first 3, but years after they came out just to make the DD1 happy, I don't think I finished the 3rd one and it took me a year to read the first one. I have seen the movies though. Ravelry, I don't get it either, I haven't signed up. My DD2 always asked for the Mickey pancakes, I just join two small circles to a big one and make eyes and a mouth with blue berries, she would like the ones you make much more I am sure.
Life's a Stitch said…
I'm another non-Harry fan. Love the waffle iron.

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